Sports Rain Man: Woody Johnson, Jamal Adams Trade, and Mets Opening Weekend

Former Jet, Jamal Adams

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday...Another last Sunday night going into early Monday morning and I am here writing my article. I had most of the stuff in my head by Friday night but try as I might, I just couldn’t squeeze out time to write it until now. So the topics for today are: Woody Johnson, Jamal Adams Trade, and Mets opening weekend..

Snookie and Woody; And somehow she is less sleazy.

Woody Johnson

Apparently Woody Johnson has decided to join Dan Snyder in the group of sleazy football owners. It should come as no surprise to anybody if you paid attention to Johnson over the last few years. So while Johnson  was over being an ambassador for the US in Britain, which you have to figure has to be probably the easiest gig as an ambassador, he’s been an embarrassment with his behavior. He has been caught using sexually inappropriate as well as racist language. This should be no surprise, if  you remember that Woody was a large donator for the current president’s campaign, and so was rewarded with the Ambassadorship. Anybody who was a sycophant’s of Trump is going to be wrapped in horrible behavior and lack human decency and character. Maybe his brother Chris will have a bigger say and try save the franchise’s face but Woody being called out as a horrible person doesn’t surprise me.

Former Jet, Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams’ Trade

So the Jets traded their disgruntled star safety Jamal Adams and a future third-rounder to the Seahawks for a stopgap at safety, two first-round picks and a fourth-round pick. I was just disappointed to see the trade go through because Adams was such a key player on the team but obviously the Jets weren’t going to re-sign him. Adam’s had been demanding a contract extension which four others players that were drafted along with him in the first 3 seasons ago had gotten.  Even though he was three years into a five-year contract, he was worthy of the raise. The Jets said no so Adam’s demanded a trade and then decided to create noise to make it eventually happen. He was quick to bad mouth owner Woody Johnson for his scandal and then coach, Adam Gase, who I feel deserves it and should be fired at the end of this season. In the short-term the Jets are gonna be in for some hurt and the defense won’t be as good. However, if they can make use of the draft picks and find studs in the two number 1s and a solid contributor in the 4th rounder, then this deal may have been worth it.

Brodie Van Wagenen, Edwin Diaz, Robinson Cano, Meet_The_Matts, Crying Fans
Van Wagenen + Cano + Diaz  = Crying Mets Fans

Mets Opening Weekend

The life of Mets fans is filled with ups and downs. This weekend demonstrated that with the brief hope that this might be the year before you realize that deep in your heart of hearts that will be another one that ends in heartache. The thing that has already made it clear is the Edward Diaz and Robinson Cano trade is the worst trade the Mets have made in recent memory, and that is saying something considering how bad the trades of the Mets have been.  Now, if we forget the sides of Brody was an agent who became GM and his first deal was to the hook up his former players Edward Diaz and Robinson Cano. The idea that in order to get a young star, the selling team partner him with an veteran and dump that veteran’s contract is as old as the sea in American Sports. So from that context, you can understand why the Mets would make a deal but Diaz has not been fulfilling his end of the bargain. He has struggled in the bright lights of New York City and has been the worst closer statistically since he arrived. Diaz is better off in the set up role and if he’s just going to be a setup man, there are far cheaper ones. The Mets should trade Cano and eat half of Cano’s salary and  see if somebody else will take a struggling closer. The should get some picks and restock the farm system since they gave up two guys along with Jay Bruce, who are now thriving in Seattle. it As Cheesie said in yesterday’s article me to make Betances the closer,that is clearly the way for it but I know they won’t follow it at least until the offseason because nobody’s doing any deals right now. It will have to be in the offseason but a man can hope.

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for our LeBron, Big Ben Whitney. But first, feel free to comment below.

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