Top 3 Questions for New York Yankees Fans as Baseball Resumes

SPANISH HARLEM – Yesterday marked the first day baseball players were able to begin the second part of what is normally called Spring Training. I’m sure guys were working out and getting their pitching or hitting in before but now it will be more accustomed to what they are used to. Teams will have most of their coaches there to spearhead what needs to be done and overlook the players progress. Hopefully, everything goes according to plan and we finally get some real games. We are not out of the woods yet but momentum is there to have a season.

Here are my top 3 questions for the New York Yankees as baseball resumes, so let’s get back to the swing of things (pun intended).


Covid-19 will rule the headlines and rightfully so, some players have decided against playing due to this very issue. It’s important to keep everyone safe from the virus but there is no guarantee that someone will not get infected at some point. These are trying times and no matter what is being done, there is no way to fight against it until we get a vaccine. I pray that all the players and coaches follow proper protocol, the safest way is the best way.

Still, we have other issues when it comes to health. What shape will the players be in and will they hurt themselves ramping it up for a second time? It’s important to pace yourself and make sure no one over does it. We know Aaron Judge had a cracked rib and I totally forgot what Giancarlo Stanton’s situation was but you want them healthy to start the season. Gerrit Cole is the most important pitcher and the team will want to make he sure is ready to go on Opening day and that’s just a few I care to mention.


What we know is that all teams will play in their respective stadiums and that means players getting on planes and going to different destinations. What happens when they go to Florida or any other state? Where there have seen a uptick in positive cases. It must be scary to think about for teams but that is the world we live in now. I give those players a lot of credit for wanting to play but sometimes I have to ask myself… is it worth it? And I’m sure I won’t be the only person thinking that when that time comes.


What does the Major League Baseball do when a player becomes infected? I know they are expanding the rosters for this very reason but this virus can spread to other players, as we have seen with the NBA and the Utah Jazz, for instance. Will games be canceled to check all the players? It’s a fair question to have because if i’m playing against a team that treated an infected player, I would have cause for concern about getting on the field against that particular team. I don’t know what the rules are for when this happens but thats just one of many things we all have to look out for this coming season.


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