NBA Playoffs: Heat v Celtics, Lakers v Nuggets, Jamal Murray, Tyler Herro, Pat Riley

NBA_Playoffs, Jamal Murray, Tyler Herro, LeBron_James, Buddy Diaz, Meet_The_Matts

SPANISH HARLEM – The NBA Conference Finals are upon us and as you would expect, each series is shaping up to be a great end to a longer season than any imagined. While most will have you believe that the NBA would love a Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics Finals (I believe that too), the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets are trying to giveĀ  fans something new and fresh to sink their teeth into.

Let’s Start With the Miami Heat

This Miami team was expected to be good. They are well-coached by Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley is an amazing President. When they added Jimmy Butler, some people thought they weren’t far from contending but I think speak for most when I say that not many people had this group this high up on their list of elite teams.

Tyler Herro was an amazing find in the draft but you wouldn’t figure a first-year player making such an important impact; scoring 37 points in a playoffs game, let alone a conference finals game 4 that gave his team a 3-1 lead in the series.

NBA_Playoffs, Jamal Murray, Tyler Herro, LeBron_James, Buddy Diaz, Meet_The_Matts

There is no way to say that this series is over until the Heat actually win a another game but if you are Boston, you definitely thought you were the better team. Now you find yourself one game away from being kicked from the bubble. A couple of years ago, I would have hated to watch this series because of the whole Riley leaving the Knicks and starting a bitter rivalry that had a lot of great moments but I’m over that now. The Celtics on the other hand will be on my shit list of teams, make that every team from Massachusetts.

On To The Lakers

Anyone who knew anything about sports did not want to bet against LeBron James and the Lakers. With Anthony Davis in the fold, you will not find a better duo playing in the playoffs. It was only right to think that this would be the year that James adds another championship ring to his legacy and though the Lakers are up 2 to 1 in the series, the Nuggets were one Davis 3-pointer away from taking two games. You could say that Denver has the better team, even though the Lakers have two of the 5 best players in the NBA.

Nikola Jokic makes everyone around him better and you could say the same for LeBron but the Nuggets have the better supporting cast. The Lakers rely heavily on James and Davis, and make sure that their two main guys touch the ball as much as possible. The Nuggets also rely on their one-two punch with Jokic and Jamal Murray but they move the ball around better and make sure the players on the floor are involved. The Joker is fluid with his passes and can make every pass – which is so rare for a center. Sure, he can score a ton of points but you know he loves getting those sweet assists as well.

I’m not saying that the Denver Nuggets will beat the Lakers in this series but I won’t be too surprised if they do.

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