Sports Rain Man: NY Mets, Fire Gase And RIP RBG

Dead Man Walking...

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday… I can’t believe it is only late September. I doubt anyone can point out to me a longer year we have ever experienced. But time has no meaning; this is the worst timeline and we need to fire the script writers for the past 9 month. Anyway, enough of my ranting, Here’s the line-up: NY Mets, Fire Gase And RBG.

NY Mets News

I brought this up last week but the insane 2020 baseball season continues. There is a week left in the season and the Mets are four games under 500. Normally that doesn’t surprise anybody but yet somehow they’re still two and a half out of the playoff spot. I don’t know what to make of it!! It’s a long-shot for them but it’s so fitting that they’re so close… yet so far. I don’t know where else or any other time this would happen and doubt they’ll make it but there is a bright side. What’s that?  Steve Cohen is set to be majority owner, so hopefully Brodie Van Wagenen is on his way out. The real question is once the Mets fail to make the playoffs and break fans’ hearts, who will be the new GM? That is worth watching and has my attention.

Fire me please!!

Fire Gase

I don’t know why the Jets hired Adam Gase in the first place. To hire him after two terrible seasons with Miami and considering during the second season he had a clash with management, it should have set off alarm bells. Somehow Woody Johnson and Ex-GM Mike MacCagnan thought it was good idea to hire The Starer. Gase promptly back-stabbed MacCagnan and became the GM and head coach before relinquishing GM duties to his preferred guy Joe Douglas. Ever since the offense looks like a shambles and Gase is supposed to be some sort of offensive guru. I just don’t see it. Sam Darnold hasn’t developed, Le’Veon Bell is a big money running back and his numbers look terrible. Even with a subpar wide receiver corp, you figure a good attempt to be creative and get them enough catches to be dangerous would happen but we don’t even see that. Gregg Williams did a good job when he was promoted to Cleveland head coach, mid-season 2 years ago, and I believe that’s the best move for the Jets to make. They need to jettison Gase and let Williams finish the season. Then hire Eric Bienemy when it’s done. But I am sure its the Jets so they’ll figure out a way to make the wrong decision again.


You know that friend of yours that can’t hold his liquor and starts a bar fight? Well if that friend was a year, it would be 2020. I don’t know what else could create more drama with national election around the corner.  It’s not like we have a once-in-a-century pandemic, epic racial unrest, worst unemployment in ages leading into an election and then lose the Irreplaceable RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg). And now it will be an election like never before… Not even going to get into the hypocrisy of all the Republicans are doing re the nomination process  but it’s no surprise. May RBG Rest in power and may she be remembered as a beacon of virtue.

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for frisky Ben Whitney.

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