NFL Rants, Nuggets and Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks

Cheesy Bruin, Free NFL Picks, Bill Belichick, Tony Pollard, Roger Goodell, Rich Perlongo, Meet_The_Matts

HOWELLS, NY – One of my biggest pet peeves are people who constantly complain and I’ve been doing an awful lot of that lately – to the point it’s bothering me during this holiday season. Legion of Boom, Jimmy_The_Greek Cheesy_Bruin Meet_The_Matts, FREE NFL PICKSThe complaints are mostly sports-related, as this site is my only forum to voice the displeasure running through my otherwise extremely thankful existence. The NFL continues to piss me off, as if I needed any help. Culprits include the St Louis Phoenix Arizona Cardinals and my least favorite player – for some unknown reason – Kyler Murray – and them streaming on Amazon Prime.

Why the f*** does the league need this type of telecast?

If I wasn’t at my lady’s parents’ house I wouldn’t have tuned in at all… I resist binge-watching and all that other modern-age tech crap that’s all the rage (and brings out mine). I don’t need to follow the masses; I just want to turn on the TV and not have to search for games any way other than I have for the past six decades. Hey Goodell, I’m almost done with your f***ing league, greedy money grabs and hypocrisy. Your dim-witted athletes aren’t helping your cause.

Yet I digress. You probably want this week’s Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks… to bet the opposite of… Last week it was all about giving and the Favorites (minus the Vikings) were a huge success. This week is all about OVERS – as in Holiday leftovers, over-spending, over-eating, hangovers, and in another week just plain old over!

Here we go…

Isn’t it about time that the Chiefs score on every possession in a game? The Bucs and Brady pretty much did so yesterday and continued when Blaine Gabbert took the wheel, so how hard can it be? Atlanta’s defense is on par with Detroit’s to facilitate the task. Atlanta/KC OVER 53

Just a guess here and that’s it. Denver/CHARGERS OVER 48.5

Two lousy defenses with teams inexplicably alive for the division title and a couple of upstart offensive players in Jalen Hurts and Tony Pollard instead of Ezekiel Elliott, who seemingly forgot how to hit the hole and hold onto the rock add the sizzle my nizzle! WAY over!
Philadelphia/DALLAS OVER 49.5

Monday night games have absolutely sucked for the most part, recently. This is New England’s version of a must-win playoff game, which should add to the scoring. Meanwhile, the Bills may look to run it up on the AFC East bully of twenty years.

And with that, I’m overdone. Leave your thoughts below and come back tomorrow for Junoir Blaber, who is NOT over the moon with his J-E-T-S getting that franchise-killing win last week.

Cheesy Bruin, Free NFL Picks, Bill Belichick, Tony Pollard, Roger Goodell, Rich Perlongo, Meet_The_Matts

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