Thoughts On Doug Pederson, James Harden Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets

SPANISH HARLEM – The biggest news of the NBA season has James Harden going to the Brooklyn Nets! But I MUST give my opinion on Doug Pederson and the issues that might have brought about his firing. Thus, today’s headlines: Thoughts On Doug Pederson, James Harden Rockets to the Brooklyn Nets.

Doug Pederson

On Monday, after a meeting with the Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie decided to move on from the only coach to win a Super Bowl for the city of Philadelphia. I was surprised, to say the least, but there were rumors of players being disgruntled, specifically Carson Wentz. A lot came about regarding the last game of the season and how Pederson wasn’t trying to win the game. If you saw what the team did, you know there was little chance they wanted to win that game.

They rested 10 starters, including their best player in Miles Sanders. I know there was an opportunity to win that game but that wasn’t guaranteed and I don’t think it was the reason he was fired. There is beliefs, with myself included, that the mandate to rest players came from above, knowing they had a good chance to get a better draft pick if they lost. Taking Jalen Hurts out for Nate Sudafed Sudfeld wasn’t good optically, especially in a nationally televised game. In all fairness to Doug E Phresh (TM), though, he did tell the media during the week that Sudfeld would get some playing time.

It got blown out of proportion because some players were upset with the decision. They weren’t blindsided, however. My feeling is that Pederson was fired because of his relationship with Carson Wentz. He is the franchise quarterback and the front office was not going to trade a player that would leave them with the highest cap hit for any team EVER. Wentz is the guy for at least the next 2 years and the team will give him every chance to be the starting quarterback again next season.

I fully expect the Eagles to hire someone who is a big name offensive coordinator as head coach to get Wentz right… yet I could be wrong on all of this.

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WARNING: One quarter of Nate will make you drowsy.

James Harden

On Wednesday, news came down that the Houston Rockets were trading their franchise player to the Brooklyn Nets. James Harden made a comment the on Tuesday that the Rockets were not good enough to compete for a championship, after losing to the Los Angeles Lakers.

“We’re just not good enough,” Harden said after the 117-100 loss. “Chemistry, talent-wise, just everything, and it was clear these last few games.”

Soon after, he was asked not to attend practice and the rumors of being traded rocketed, ironically.

So Harden wanted out and gets his wish. He is a Brooklyn Net. It will be interesting to see how the NBA’s New Big 3 will co-exist. He is, like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, a ball-dominant player. Irving has yet to come back to team due to personal reasons but eventually we will see them all take the court together.

While some believe this makes the Nets the team to beat in the East Conference, I really liked their depth and bench play before getting Harden. Now they will have a great starting lineup but I’m not sure if this trade makes them a Finals team. There are more moves they can make through more trades or waiver wire/buyouts, and that should help determine how good they will be when the playoffs come around.

Come back tomorrow for Cam James or Grinding Ax Walt, whomever draws Management’s short straw.

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