Sports Rain Man: LeBron Down, NFL Free Agency, March Madness

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. How was mine, you ask? I got my first of the two shots for COVID. I somewhat wish I got the one shot as it was a mini nightmare juggling the kids and rotating getting the shots with the wife. Earlier in the week, the family dog that had become mine, died. What made it worse was he died after hours on Monday and the ASPCA was closed on Tuesday so it took till Wednesday afternoon before he could be cremated. So that is my “Getting Personal” opener. Now it’s time to tell you what today’s piece will be about: LeBron Down, NFL Free Agency, March Madness!

LeBron Down

LeBron James is hurt. This is the first major injury of his career. The key to being a legend in any sport is being fortunate to stay healthy for the majority of it. LeBron has had that luck, as he has racked up at least 85% appearance of all his teams’ games, including playoffs, since he joined the league. Now he is down and no one knows when he will be back. It is an ankle injury so those are gonna be tricky especially on such a big man. Combine this with the injury to Anthony Davis and my claim that the Lakers were set to be a dynasty is under threat. Even if he is out for the remainder of this season, I deeply hope he comes back fit next season.

NFL Free Agency

The NFL’s free agency period started on Monday and there have been too many moves to track but there a few ones worth mentioning. Both NY teams signed/pursuing receivers which makes sense as those are positions of need. The Giants are pursuing Kenny Golladay, while the Jets signed Keelan Cole… As for the other teams, Ryan Fitzpatrick has signed with Washington, while JuJu Schuster will stay in Pittsburgh one more season… The Cardinals added to their receiving core by signing AJ Green. This means they will have 3 of the best receivers in football history with De’Andre Hopkins, Green and Larry Fitzgerald…  The Gronk is gonna stay in Tampa Bay, which makes loads of sense… Andy Dalton will be the new number 1 at the Bears while Mitch Trubinsky will be QB2 for the Bills… And DeSean Jackson has signed with the Rams.

March Madness

It may be the COVID but there have been some serious upsets this first weekend. Oral Roberts, has upset the Buckeyes and Florida. Joining them in Sweet 16 is Loyola-Chicago, who beat in state rivals Illinois (thanks to Sister Jean)… Jim Boeheim and his 2-3 zone are also back in the Sweet 16… Baylor is another big story, as it seemed they were lucky to even be in The Show… The other reminder that COVID is still around is VCU, who had too many players test positive to play on Friday and had to forfeit their game and season.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney. Okay, I won’t call him Pink this week.

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