Sports Rain Man: Sports Still Funny, USA Men’s Basketball, NFL Covid Protocol

Junoir Blaber

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I was looking for what to talk about then found out that our own Cheesy Bruin, is considering retirement because sports ain’t funny. I leaped into action to talk to make a post that address him. I also added a thing about the Olympics and the NFL.  Today we will talk about… Sports Still Funny, USA Basketball, NFL Covid Protocol.

Sports Still Funny

Cheesy thinks he can walk away from this place? I have quit this place 4 times, this place makes Hotel California look like a bed and breakfast! He will be back, I am sure of it. Like you want to hear funny! The whole of Milwaukee flooded the streets to celebrate the Bucks winning the NBA Championship. According to CDC, Milwaukee is only at 50% vaccination. Yikes!! Or what about the New York Yankees losing a no hitter and the game in a comedy of errors 8th inning against the hated Boston Red Sox!! You have Olympic skateboarders talking about the can’t wait to flash their medals at cops who try to kick them of “no skating allowed” places. Did we mention the cardboard supposedly sex proof beds at the Olympic Village, athletes are testing out on Tik Tok?

USA Men’s Basketball

Woof!! That is the best way to describe USA Men’s Basketball in its preparation for the Olympics. The lost two of their 3 warm-up matches to  for the Olympics and the its opening match against France. We all think Gregg Popovich is a great coach and should easily be a first ballot hall of famer. However, taking of for Coach Mike Krzyzewski has proven harder than many expected. The reason Coach K was successful was because he was a college basketball coach that believed in system first, player second. I think Pop believes that both are equally important and that is why he is struggling. The thing to understand is because of the nature of the tournament (short tournament and bringing players from everywhere together for a brief time) and the odd FIBA rules, college style works better. On offense, find a system and hammer it into guys to run the system. You run your screens, set your picks and make the extra pass to find the open man and take what you can get from the defense. On defense, you play the zone, make them make the extra pass and keep your hands up. It shouldn’t be so hard, yet Pop and the current squad seem to make it sound like I am speaking German.

NFL Covid Protocol

FAFO – Is the best way to describe the NFL Covid protocol! Frack Around & Find Out, is what it is short hand for.  The league said there will be no extra week for rescheduled games. If you have an increase in cases but the people are vaccinated already, we will try and work with you. If you have an increase in unvaccinated people, then it is on you. If this increase causes a game to be cancelled then the team with the high number of cases forfeits and since the game is cancelled, nobody, the team with cases and the team without, will get compensated for a game they didn’t play. The league did this with the approval of the NFL players union so it will go ahead. Minnesota Vikings already fired an assistant coach that refused to get vaccinated. What I will find the most hysterical is all the people that demanding firing Colin Kaepernik over his kneel down because it was a work matter, will have to rethink or do some gymnastics as to why it is ok now but not them.

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