Fraiku Friday: Brady, Jets, Korda Girls, Mahomes, Collinsworth, Cowboys

Korda, Saquon Barkley, Cam-James, Meet-The-Matts, Chris Collinsworth, Rob-Manfred, MLB, Tom Brady, NFL

DENVER, CO – This week has drug on like a mother-in-law lecturing on the importance of paying for your coffin while you are on the right side of the dirt. It’s been the longest short week since Christmas last fell on a Thursday. On that note, little nuggets shall rule the day. It’s time for some Frikus… (Friday + Haikus). Yeah, that’s right. Less is more this September Friday. There is no purer form of expression than m*sturbation – save for maybe poetry. I think I am capable of things Maya Angelou and/0r Robert Frost might have hated. Let’s put it to the test like the maury show.

Tom Brady is awesome
I hate his visage and G.O.A.T. cheese
Why is butter hard?

J – E – T – S, JETS!
Zach Wilson is the best NOT
two and fifteen soon

Jeter shortstop can’t drop
Baez must drop ball all day
Mets are weak Jets bets

Rumble Rumble Zeke
Can’t eat when Dak sucks a duck
Jerry is a G…. man

Cam James

Bronx Bombers lose
October vacation here
Blue Jays are Laughing

S and M, A and M
Both are best in Texas state
Jimbo got paid today

Berhalter annoys
Pulisic makes me happy
Pepi gets me up

G Men please man uh
Barkley will be round mound of
rebounding a career

Nelly and Jessie
Korda girls can putt small balls
Future of golf for her

Creepy Collinsworth
Teen girls beware of old man
Michaels wont stop him

Ronaldo, Man U
Vegas Chicks want his bits in cuffs
Greatest of all time

Blink One Eighty Two
Tom found aliens in the sky
Mark slowly dying

China Olympics
Fake snow worse than dry condoms
Move them to Salt Lake

Mahomes wife got smart
Anchor baby was genius
Get that money girl

Greg Zuerlien kicks good
NFL invents ways for Brady
Cowboys got screwed hard

Three hundred sixteen
Words i promised to Management
It got exactly that

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