Big Ben Tuesday: Chiefs and Giants on MNF, Mike White Jets’ Franchise QB, and Who is Better, Knicks or Rangers?

A Monday night get right game for the Chiefs against the G-men. I’m still trying to figure out if the Knicks and/or Rangers are good. And Mike White, the new face of the Jets. Let’s do it.

Chiefs and Giants on MNF

It’s hard to believe the Chiefs only scored three points against anyone. The good news is that the Giants are coming to town. It looks like they’re playing the two deep safety defense that everyone is playing against the Chiefs and they keep giving it to a guy named Derrick Gore. The Giants are making him look like a young Frank Gore.

No, not that Mike White

When the Chiefs do throw it, they’re going to Tyreek Hill. The Giants have one guy who can stay with Hill, but he plays offense. Toney vs Tyreek? Do it.

The Chiefs featuring the run is good news for some brave soul who bet a grand on Mike White leading the week in passing yards at 125 to 1. He’s looking good unless the second half of this game gets crazy (editor’s note: it didn’t).

The Mike White ERA

Speaking of White, when asked if he could become the QB of the future, Robert Saleh said “anything is possible.” Mike White fever is sweeping the tri-state area! The Zach Wilson Era has come to an abrupt, ignominious end. Well, he’ll always have his one win against the Titans.

Knicks or Rangers?

In case you haven’t noticed, the New York Knickerbockers are tied with three teams for the best record in the Eastern Conference at 5-1. And the New York Rangers are tied for second in the Met with the Caps (not counting Monday’s game). The Hurricanes are 8-0-0. Wow.

This seems odd. It’s been a while. Are these teams actually good or is this early season luck?

I’m taking a poll. Who is better?

New York Knicks
New York Rangers

I think the Knicks are better. They’ve got offensive options this year and will probably play enough defense. You’re gonna see more 120-117 wins and fewer 101-99 losses. Assuming the Nets get it together and even if Simmons shows up, they still might be the third best team in the East. No?

The Rangers are definitely a little tougher and more organized in their own zone, but they’re still having long lapses of not having the puck and are relying on their goalie way too much.

Still, since basketball is so top heavy, it’s hard to imagine the Knicks getting through the East. With a goalie who looks like he’s really coming into his own, and a few studs, things have a better chance of breaking right for the Rangers if they can get into the playoffs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not predicting any ticker tape parades just yet, but things are more exciting at MSG this year.

Rando Ramblings

Man, these Gronk USAA commercials are brutal.My dog Chief could be more believable in this role. And I know he’s an icon, but isn’t it time to put Chris Berman out to pasture. I think we’ve all heard his “the Raiders” thing and about 400 others enough for 20 lifetimes.

Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward. Has anyone checked on him after that Vikings choke job to the Cooper Rush ‘Boys? Follow us on Twitter at @benwhit, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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