COVID Rocks The NFL and NBA, Deion Sanders Flips for Joy

SPANISH HARLEM – What a couple of weeks it has been with players from the NFL and NBA dealing with COVID. It seems like every time I look at my phone there are reports that a player and/or players are entering protocol. It has affected sports for the last two years and there seems no end in sight.

Professional athletes are the best-conditioned people on the planet and in most cases should come back healthy. It’s definitely something you have worry about now, though, along with injuries. The New York Knicks have 3 players in the rotation that won’t be playing for at least the next few games. Other teams are not so lucky. The Brooklyn Nets are still wining games yet they have fielded a rotation of guys you probably never heard of. I think its safe to say that this will continue to be an ongoing problem for the foreseeable future.

Deion Sanders Gets Number 1 Recruit

Buddy Diaz

Today was a great day for Travis Hunter, not only does he get to learn from possibility the best NFL cornerback ever but he gets a really good endorsement deal to go along with that. Some might call it a bit shady but Hunter has received an NIL deal with Barstool Sports, that is rumored to be about 7 figures.  It’s not shady to get a nice endorsement deal, especially with the new rules in place, allowing student athletes to make money off the field. No, that’s not the problem here… the problem is that Sanders is Jackson State the Coach, the team that Hunter committed to, while also being an employee of Barstool Sports. I won’t read too much into because I really don’t care. Win and make money, that’s what I always say.

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