Hello and Good Bye… The Eagles Make The Playoffs As Jalen Hurts Excites

Everybody Hurts, sometimes...

SPANISH HARLEM – For those of you that stuck around and are actually reading this… Thank you. You are either a Philadelphia Eagles, a non-regional sports fan or somehow like my writing (I doubt it!). As a fan, the season started on a high note with the Iggles dominating the Atlanta Falcons, bringing hope to a new season. We soon found out they were flawed and followed with some bad loses. It was discouraging to say the least because they were picked as one of the worst teams in the league by experts. Those that had high hopes, like me, were starting to think that it might be a lost season. Thoughts about the draft and the need to draft another quarterback began festering.

Then a funny thing happened… Philly started winning games. They made changes to their offense and started running the ball. Early on they wanted to develop Jalen Hurts as a passer but in doing so, they neglected the run. It was weird to watch and had many, including myself, asking why they weren’t running it more. Hurts was only in his second season and first as a starter. You would think they wanted to take the pressure off and run more but early on, they did the opposite. Then they adapted philosophies, started playing to their quarterback’s strengths and became one of the league’s better running teams.

Buddy Diaz

Nick Sirianni changed course and it made all the difference. This is not to say that Hurts couldn’t pass in the pocket but the coaching staff certainly didn’t make it easy. Now we see what he is capable of and how dangerous he can be in a system that caters to him. Hurts is fun to watch and is a potential threat to beat with his legs and arm.

If it sounds like I’m excited it’s because… I am. Did I think they were a playoff team before the season? Yes, but I admit that it seemed like a bad season was in the cards there for a bit. I guess I’m just happy that they proved the fans and critics, including myself, wrong.

Fly Eagles Fly!

Come back tomorrow for a literally en fuego, Cam James.

Until next time!

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