John Franco’s Mustache + Will Rogers = Mets Collapse

“Good Judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.”Will Rogers

DENVER, CO Mets fans pay heed to the words of that wise, old cowboy. Good judgment this week is to understand that it’s May. Bad judgment is to think that the Mets are winning the pennant.  I know it’s tempting at 26-14 with a seven-game cushion to think that the fall classic is your destination. However, the past experiences you are about to relive should give you some better judgment.

2007: It’s September 17th. The Mets have a 2.5 game lead on the Phils for the division. They lose five of 6 games to the fourth-place Nats.  Its September 29 the division is tied. September 30th Tom Glavine gets rocked and the Phillies win the division.  Mets… miss the playoffs.

2008: With 17 games to go, the Los Mets hold a 3.5 game lead. The Amazins go 7-17 and miss the playoffs.  This gave the Mets the dubious distinction as being the only team to ever blow a 3.5 game September lead in consecutive seasons.

Cam James: Somewhat biased Cards fan.

2006: My favorite! The Mets win a playoff series…..Ope!  They face the Cardinals!  LCS Game 7.  Adam Wainwright becomes a Mets legend after snapping off the nastiest curveball Carlos Beltan has ever seen.  Matt please put the video clip here. Everyone needs to relive this.

2000: Subway Series.  That’s a cute ending.  Kinda hurts losing to your crosstown rivals.

2015: The Royals.  The Metsies lose to a club whose total payroll was about the cost of a Country Breakfast (Billy Butler).

2018-2019: Mickey Callaway happened.

2020-2021: Luis Rojas happened.

2022: The Manager is Buck Showalter. So long as that man is in charge, the Mets will not win the World Series.  He really likes orange sherbert though.  Take a listen.

2022: Jacob deGrom welcomes Max Scherzer to the team… and the IL.

All in, the Mets haven’t won a World Series since the year before I was born.  For those of you thinking the Mets beat up on the Cardinals, thus the Mets are something… just remember… It’s May.

Oh, and John Franco’s mustache just sounded good, so it made the headline… Come back tomorrow for a guy that tries to sound good because he has a face for radio, Short Matt.

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