Kentucky Derby Controversy? Mets, Yankees Facing Collapse? Wild NHL Playoffs

DENVER, CO – I am in elite company.  I am semi – clairvoyant. I am one of five people who actually bet the Kentucky Derby winner!  It was a puny, two-dollar show bet that paid $29.40. Nevertheless, I struck rich with Rich Strike. (There is no controversy, as the click-bait headline suggests).  What‘s unrelated and even rarer than an 80-1 derby winner?  The Mets have 22 wins before the All-Star break. What’s not rare at all and 80 times more annoying than a jubilant Mets fan?  A delusional obnoxious Yankees fan who thinks it’s 2009. What do both the Mets fans and Yankees have in common?  They will feel like Angry Ward does about his Minnesota Wild today:  disappointed, disenchanted and most importantly, not surprised.

Cam James

Deep down, all you Yankees and Mets fans KNOW you won’t win it all.  Deep down you know your managers will pull the starter in the 6th of the big game like, Minnesota pulled Marc Andre-Fleury out of the lineup for Game Six. Deep down you know your big hitters -like Kaprizov – will go cold in the clutch.  Deep down you know the other team’s stars (Binnington, O’Reilly, Tarasenko) are going to rise to the moment right when the pressure is applied. Deep down you are looking forward to football season. I know Ward is counting the days until he gets to watch the best QB in Vikings history play this fall.

Good news for Angry Ward: The #NFL schedule came out yesterday. Week one, the flying Kirk Cousins opens the season at home against Aaron Rodgers & his group of No-Name Hammersteins. This is a dream season-opener. It’s not often that Kirk gets a chance to assert his dominance over the division in week one…

NOT Angry Ward & brother cnc63

In other Minnesota sports news…

Did I mention the Blues tamed the Wild in six games, due to a combination of terrible coaching decisions, lackluster effort, and a general desire to play golf?  Yeah, I think I mentioned that.

And more on the NHL Playoffs
-The Rangers are still playing……for a few more hours.
-Blues over Avs in 7.  I smell another O’Reilly Conn Smythe.

Come back tomorrow for a man whose words are slower than his fastball, either Short Matt or Aristotle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis.

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