Yankees Deal With Injuries Again, Colin Kaepernick Gets a Tryout

Who cares about the Mets' injuries?!

SPANISH HARLEM – The great thing about sports is that now it is a 365-day event. At any time of any day, anything can happen and news will break. Here are two things that have caught my attention.


We all know that injuries in baseball are expected. You play 162 games in a season and something is bad is bound to happen. Every player will deal with some sort of situation where they are not completely healthy, and while some will receive a couple of says off, others will hit the Injured List. For the New York Yankees, they are experiencing this at a time when everything was going so well. That happens, no way around it, so you have to deal with it. What you don’t expect is for 4 players to get injured at the about the same time.

Buddy Diaz

At the end of the day, nobody will feel pity for you and/or your team. There is no choice but to move forward and hope that the players that take their places will provide enough to keep the wins coming. In years past we have seen guys come in and play well but that is not a given. Miguel Andujar (remember him?) and Estevan Florial will get more playing time and these opportunities can’t be wasted… if the Yanks are going to contend.


Yes, Colin Kaepernick is back in the news! The Las Vegas Raiders have extended a tryout to the exiled player and it just blows my mind that he has been out of the league for 4 years. Not to be even a backup quarterback on a team is egregious. I hope his settlement with the NFL has made him rich beyond his years because he is the definition of blackballed. This is player that took his team to a Super Bowl but couldn’t find another job because he kneeled and took a stand about something he was adamant about. Whether you like him or not, he chose to what he did to draw attention to himself and speak his truth. It just sad that no matter how good he does, he will still get cut and that pisses me off.

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