Big Ben Tuesday: Triple Toggling Between the Yankees, Giants, and Rangers on a Monday Night

STAMFORD, CT – Monday night. The Yankees had a chance to lock up the division. The Giants had a chance to go 3-0. The Rangers kicked off their season with a preseason tussle versus the Islanders. A few thoughts on each.


Daniel Jones: has a troublesome combination of a lack of pocket awareness and the propensity of holding the ball too long when nothing is there. Not an ideal combo.

Missing: Kadarius Toney

Evan Neal got taken to school. DeMarcus Lawrence abused the rookie for three sacks in less than quarters. Only an injury slowed him down.

More Horrible Officiating: The pass interference call on Sheppard on a big Golloday (who?) reception late in the first half. A ridiculous taunting call on Shepard after a late hit on Jones. If that’s taunting there would be about 100 penalties per game. It’s hard to understand what they were thinking.

No Deep Threat: The Cowboys were criticized for letting Amari Cooper go, leaving them with no explosive receivers – besides CeeDee Lamb. Well, imagine having no explosive receivers OR Lamb. Golladay is a well-paid observer. Kadarius looks like a lost cause. And now poor Shepard looks dunzo. Ouch. D coordinators aren’t exactly shaking in their boots.

MANNINGS on MNF: I still can’t decide if I like these two boobs on MNF. One part funny, two parts cringe.

Giants are currently imploding in the fourth.



Judge Doesn’t Go Deep: The ads for the Yankees have turned from “Judge’s pursuit of 61” to “Judge’s pursuit of the triple crown.“ My man is way too patient.

Yankees Pen: is not what it was early in the season. Michael King was a monster loss. Holmes was dominant early but is inconsistent now. This is no longer a strength, heading into the playoffs.

Harrison Bader: does not look like he was worth Jordan Montgomery. He can play defense, and he got a few hits early, but he seems to lack plate discipline.

Righty Heavy: Yanks need another lefty bat back. Benintendi? Carpenter? Where you at?

Division Not Clinched: Blue Jays survive another day by walking Judge with two guys on in the tenth.


Zac Jones: looks like he’ll get the first crack at the sixth D spot for the Rangers. He showed again last night that he definitely has the offensive skills for the job.

Young Othmann

Brennan Othmann: is only 19 but he doesn’t look too far off from making this roster. Two assists, including a shorthanded beauty to the tape of K’Andre Miller in the final seconds of the first period.

Jimmy Vesey: got off to a good start in his bid to make the team as a role player with a sharp angle goal in the first on the PP.


I don’t know much about Lane Lambert but I’m betting the Isles will be worse without Barry Trotz.

I’m pretty fired up for hockey season.

The night didn’t go as planned, but I can’t complain about a triple toggle with Yankees, Giants, and Rangers action. The Yanks will wrap up the decision shortly, the Giants looks competitive at least, and there is high hopes for the Rangers.

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