Flushing Phew, Bombing Bombers, NFL Sure Things

PHOENICIA, NY – Our thoughts are with you and yours on this solemn day. Let’s honor those lost on 9/11 by doing normal things. Things that we’re allowed to do… that we are free to do – because we live in this beautiful country – warts and all. Now back to our irregularly scheduled program… A perfect Catskill Mountains getaway has its imperfections. Oxymorons aside, the spotty wifi in our charming Simple Times cabin is the best shot at connecting with civilization, as there is NO cell phone coverage. That forces one to disconnect – which is a good thing. It also means that publishing a post here is a crap shoot (no jokes). That’s not such a good thing. With that, here’s hoping these beauts get through to you, via Al Gore’s Information Super Highway: Flushing Phew, Bombing Bombers, NFL Sure Things.

Flushing Phew

That collective gasp heard in the tri-state area was because of an 8-run inning in Miami. With an Altanta loss, the Mets reclaimed first place in the NL East but also got some mojo back. The hoped-for version of Eduardo Escobar is now packing a Pablo Escobar-type punch. Indeed, he could hit water if he fell out of a boat… or the broad side of a barn. He’s that good right now. If only he’d stop using an interpreter. Why? Because he speaks English! That’s why. They Amazins were also able to put a crumbled Cookie back together, as Carlos “Cookie” Carrasco was able to pitch six solid innings after a first frame filled with fright. That all ebbed as the offense exploded against a solid young Marlin pitcher, BTW. HOWEVER, the Metsies MUST BEAT the slippery fish today. MUST.

Bombing Bombers

The Mets have blow a 10-game lead, yet somehow it’s almost okay. That’s because that other team in the city, the vaunted New York Yankees, have absolutely… wait for it… BOMBED in the second half. No duds here, as far as bombs go for  Aaron “Spock” Boone (look at his ears). His offense stinks and many people had basically forgotten that Giancarlo Stanton was even on the team. In case you’ve forgotten, he’s making $ this year. But heck, he even spoke to the press last night:
“It was fun to get those first few punches in and stay on top,” said Stanton, whose 25th homer in the eighth came off position player Christian Bethancourt.

Expect more detonations, Yankee fans.

NFL Sure Things

Aaron Rodgers will continue to polarize off the field but dominate on it.
-The J-E-T-S and Giants will combine for 15 wins.
-The Dolphins will be looking for a new QB next year.
-Barring injury to a key starter, the Buffalo Bills will win the Super Bowl.
Tony Romo’s wig/hair system will get your attention more and more.

That’s it for now. Check out the 9/11 story in this segement of MLR Weekly, re a ball left in Union Square for missing player, Nick Rowe:

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