Philadelphia Mania: Tipping Pitches, Catching Passes… World Series and Super Bowl Talk

SPANISH HARLEM – It’s not an exaggeration to say that Philadelphia is the Hot City right now. With the Phillies in the World Series and the Eagles 7-0, they are the talk of many a sports program. Therefore, they will play a prominent role in today’s article. If you’re a New York Mets and/or Giants fan… please don’t leave.

McCullers Tipping Pitches???

The best news coming out of the Phillies win against the Houston Astros on Tuesday, was that Bryce Harper saw something in his first at bat from Lance McCullers. Whatever it was he certainly shared it with his teammates. It’s only fitting that Harper went into the old school mode to gain an advantage against a team that are known for cheating and stealing signs, especially the year they won the championship. There is something so very right about that happening to the Astros. Granted, nobody was tipping pitches last night! They followed getting trounced by getting the first combined no-hitter in the history of baseball. Let’s see how the Phillies respond.

Are the Eagles for Real???

Buddy Diaz

I will be the first to tell you that I’m a bit surprised at how well the Iggles are playing right now. I was confident that they would be good but I didn’t expect them to be one the best teams in the league and a Super Bowl favorite. Yes, this is early in the season. AJ Brown has made a tremendous impact on the offense and has Jalen Hurts playing the like the quarterback nobody expected he could be. Now the question is… can be a franchise quarterback? That is yet to be determined but he has done everything you could of asked for and more… to this point.

The defense has been extremely stingy and are creating turnovers, which is something they haven’t done the previous 2 or 3 years. It’s exciting and reminiscent of the type of defense Philly fans enjoy seeing.

When your team is going good, the goal is always winning the Super Bowl. I won’t fantasize about those things just yet, though, as there is still much I want to see from this group before I start dreaming.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cam James or Different Matt. Management won’t reveal the starter.

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