Big Ben: Meet the Marshmallows – Odell Beckham, the Surprising NJ Devils, and Mike White

STAMFORD, CT – In a well known study in 1972, young children were given the option of eating a marshmallow immediately or waiting 15 minutes and getting two marshmallows. The results suggested that those who could resist the immediate gratification and wait for the second marshmallow would be more successful in life. I’ll reckon the toughest part of being a sports GM is deciding when to eat the marshmallow and when to try to stockpile them for later. Win now or build. And those marshmallow kids didn’t have greedy owners and impatient fan bases breathing down their throats. Which brings me to my topics for today – Odell Beckham Jr, the Devils Rebuild, and Mike White.


Not that Mike White

A lot of teams are looking at Odell as the win now marshmallow who can put them over the top. But supposedly he is not going to workout for any teams. Roll those bone Jerry, it’s only money.  For anyone who saw the fourth quarter of the Cowboys Colts game, where Matt Ryan publicly apologized to the Falcons for requesting a trade during a tv timeout, you can see why the Cowboys are looking for that last marshmallow to put their hot cocoa over the top. Some wonder about chemistry disruption, but that didn’t happen with the Rams.

What I can’t figure out is why the Giants want him. I guess it would be nice to give Danny a little more weaponry and open things up for Saquon. But it seems like a weird spot for a rental. Do they think he can be the OBD of old and put them over the top? I guess it’s just that they’re thin at the position and it won’t cost nothin’ but money.

And back then thought they traded him to Cleveland to punish him. I know the main players of that trade are gone, but you’d think he’d still hold at least somewhat of a grudge for the organization that sent him there. In watching how the recently cut Baker Mayfield’s career is going, trading him there was punishment, whether they meant it that way or not. The whole thing makes no sense to me and I’d be shocked if it happened.

Hey Schoen, let’s wait for the two marshmallows.

Jordan Binnington in goal last night for the Blues

Devils Sneaky Rebuild Embarrasses Rangers

Even though they survived a bad second and some stretches of brutal play against the Blues last night, (largely thanks to some friendly goals allowed by the Blues) the Rangers have been the cure for what ails crappy hockey teams. Holy Dave Maloney have looked lost lately. The way they rushed the rebuild and fired their last bullet with the Trocheck signing, the really needed the youngsters to take a large jump this year and it has not happened.

Maybe this is more what they would have looked like last year without an unreal Igor bailing them out every night. Speaking of goalies, it seems impossible that a team could win a Stanley Cup with Jordan Binnington in net, but it happened just three short years ago. I’ve seen beer league goalies with more confidence.

I can’t help but wonder how it would have gone had the Rangers been more patient and held off on the big money signings. Then they could’ve have gotten Kappo, Lafreniere time on the top power play unit and real responsibility from the start. You know, like the Devils did with Nico Hischier and Jack Hughes. The 20-4-1 Devils.

The Devils waited for their marshmallows and now they have a full plate. The Rangers were caught in between and ended up with a mess.

Did I really win an MVP or was that a dream?

Ride the Mike Whitening

The Jets did so well with recent drafts that no one cares they might have whiffed with the QB. We’ve now had two looks at Mike White. The offense looks way more dangerous but he’s also shown a willingness to throw it into traffic. Plus, he looks really shaky throwing it on the move. He might struggle against a team that can attack and make him move.

Garrett Wilson ain’t complaining. The Jets have no choice but to let it rip and see what they have. Big test this weekend against Buffalo.

Is Mike White the second marshmallow? I don’t know, but 44 seems like a low over/under number for this one. Take the over.

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