NBA Playoffs: The Celtics Try To Stay Alive and Lebron James Hints at Possible Retirement

Could Cash or Buck fix the Celts? No. And that ends the connection with this photo.

SPANISH HARLEM – The NBA Finals are almost upon us, but we still wait for the Eastern Conference Finals winner between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. Today, we will find out if the Celtics can survive another game after Tuesday’s win forced a game 5 in Miami.

For much of the series, Jayson Tatum has disappointed. He came back to life in game 4 to help the Celtics extend their season for at least one more game. A lot is being said about how this team may “fake like” each other and that’s never a good thing to hear about your clubhouse. It could just be a rumor – but an ugly rumor nonetheless – and with Jaylen Brown up for a contract extension, this group’s last days may be near.

LeBron James Hints at Retirement

After enduring a sweep at the hands of Nikola Joki? and the Denver Nuggets, LBJ wore the face of a tired man that gave everything he could. At 38, it just wasn’t enough. Moreover, while James has remained at a superstar level this season, his days as the greatest player in the NBA are numbered – if not over. Sure, there are younger players you would rather build your team around, but King James is still an elite player.

Buddy Diaz

While I believe LeBron was speaking from frustration, it’s hard not to imagine him using this as leverage over the Lakers and their need to improve the roster around. When it’s all said and done, I fully expect him to play at least two more seasons, with the possibility of playing with his son on whatever team he is drafted to. I don’t see him walking away from that option, after making that openly known to the NBA media.

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