Unbelievable: Gary Sanchez, Paige Spiranac, The World’s Best Sports Show

NEW YORK, NY – Hopefully you are not sitting in “holiday traffic” somewhere in the hopes of beating the “holiday traffic.” I sat in some yesterday, just to research this for you. It took two hours to get from the Upper West Side to Montclair, NJ. That’s 17 miles folks. TWO HOURS. Unbelievable! Yet that’s not the only unbelievable thing in the sports world, and that segues (sort of) to today’s topics: Unbelievable: Gary Sanchez, Paige Spiranac, The World’s Best Sports Show 

Gary Sanchez

Gary Sánchez Herrera must have untoward footage of someone in the New York Mets front office. Any other reason for the Amazins bringing in this poor slob is… just… unbelievable. In his most recent cup of coffee with a New York Major League Baseball team, Sanchez got dirty with a passed ball – or three – depending on take on two wild pitches. He also missed a pop-up and went 1-6 with a very shallow SF off Cleveland’s rag-armed CF’er. What’s crazy is that The Sanchise II is still only 30-years-old. Let’s see that birth certificate, Gary ’cause that’s just… unbelievable.

Paige Spiranac

From golfer to stripper? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? This smacks of the unbelievable. Judge for yourself and… you’re welcome.

The World’s Best Sports Show

Yeah. That’s a big statement. For a gambling show. For a rugby show. But you needn’t know a thing about either. It’s just about being entertaining. Have a look.

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