Big Ben: Jokic and Nuggets Wrap It Up, Yanks Punchless Without Judge, Great Call by Trump on PGA Merger

Stamford, CT: I’m busier than my Dog Chief in a peanut butter factory, so let’s get do it. The Nuggets win a ‘chip, the Yanks can’t score without Judge, and a good call by Trump.

Nuggets Get it Done

Congrats to the Denver Nuggets. The most common formula for NBA championships is two superstars and role players who can bang, play D, and hit threes. Denver had the formula, after some big deadline acquisitions, and took it home in a hard fought five games.

Miami had a ton of snarl and fight, but not enough talent. Jimmy Butler had his playoff moments, but Murray and Jokic are both better players. Jimmy didn’t show up on Monday, apart from a quick nine points late, highlighted by one of the worst replay calls in any sport ever. He had a crucial turnover on the game deciding play with a bad pass.

Bam had s great first half but I think he’s closer to a third wheel Horace Grant than a true Scottie Pippen second option. Great run though. The Heat were fun to watch. But the Nuggs were the better team.

Where’d the Yanks O Go?

The Yankees were pretty close to not having Aaron Judge when he almost signed elsewhere. Well, it might have been gotten really bad around here as they can’t score much without him. While you’d expect the Yankees offense to take a hit without the MVP, they should be able to hold the fort until he gets back. Five other YankeesStanton, Donaldson, LeMahieu, Rizzo, and Torres – are making about $96 million combined. That’s more than the 2023 payroll of 13 teams, and almost $40 million more than the $57 million payroll of the Tampa Rays.

Why didn’t the Heat put this guy in?

The Rays are 9.5 games ahead of the Yankees. Score some damn runs.

Trump Nails the LIV/PGA Merger

Regardless of your feelings on the Trumpster Fire, you have got to give him credit for his hilarious and prescient call on the PGA/LIV merger.

The PGA bashed the hell out of golfers who took the LIV money as greedy traitors. Well, it took about a year for the PGA to totally sell out. What a god damned embarrassment.

If there’s one thing Trump understands, besides the best places to keep confidential documents, it’s that if you offer someone enough money, they’ll eventually take it. Principles be damned. It’s like Short Matt criticizing the Yankees for half a century for buying championships and then immediately getting on the Cohen money train without a hint of hypocrisy. Shameful.

That’s it for me. Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward.

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