Drop The Mic Steve Serby, Jared Goff, MSG Has Rugby

MT. VERNON, NY – It’s a marvelous, sun-splashed day in the NYC tri-state area. A time to get out and enjoy the fresh(ish) air, find an outside bar with TVs watch sports, preferably while sipping your favorite libations! Before you do any of that, though, check out today’s items on the menu: Drop The Mic Steve Serby, Jared Goff, MSG Has Rugby

Drop The Mic Steve Serby

Scouring the sports sphere for things to discuss, I stumbled upon Steve Serby’s column in the NY Post re the effect of Pete “Polar Bear” Alonso being out of the Mets lineup. While it’s basically overstating the obvious re Alonso being the Queens version of Aaron Judge, he has some great lines in the piece. “The Bad News Cardinals in the other dugout.” is one. Countering Buck Showalter saying “Trying to hit 103 in the twilight, it’s tough.” with “Trying to hit 80 in broad daylight has been, too.” is another.

BUT… his drop the mic line, which ends the column is but two words: “Polar bare.”

Take a bow, Steve!

Jared Goff

This poor slob got traded from the very good St Louis Rams of Los Angeles Twice team and sunny Southern California to a sh*tty-in-every-way Detroit. Good lord, that’s more than anyone could bare. But a couple of things happened on the way to the forum. Detroit’s drafts, free agents and Head Coach started to mesh. Plus, Goff is a NFL QB. His net worth is north of $50,000,000.00 already. Ironically, his Detroit Lions team is now, arguably, better than the Rams team that traded him for Matthew Stafford. Need more to suddenly feel jealous of this guy? You got it! He’s egaged to Supermodel/Sports Illustrated swimsuit model,  Christen Harper. Hey, Detroit ain’t so bad, after all.

MSG Has Rugby

That’s right, desperate-for-something other than golf sports fans… MSG and The Rugby Network will be televising the final regular season match between Rugby New York and the Utah Warriors. 3PM ET today. Yours humbly will be handling the play x play. I would urge those living in the NYC area to actually go to the game, as it can be like ice hockey for some, in that it’s better in person the first few times, as you appreciate the speed and ferociousness more. And it’s WAY MORE ferocious than hockey. Trust me, I’ve been battered in both for a long time… Mt. Vernon’s Memorial Stadium (completely renovated, good beer), just a short stroll from the Pelham Station. At the very least, tune in!

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