Big Ben: New York Jets on Hard Knocks, Five Things to Watch

Hard Knocks with the NY Jets on HBO
Hard Knocks with the NY Jets on HBO

It’s a Hard Knock Life, For Aaron
It’s a Hard Knock Life, For Aaron
From Green Bay to Jersey, He Fled
‘Stead of Cheeseheads, he gets Ed

MONCLAIR, NJ – It’s finally here. The season debut of Hard Knocks, with Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets, is tonight! The #NFL was wise to make this awesomeness happen. Back in 2010, the Jets had one of the best seasons of Hard Knocks, with Rex Ryan’s goofy pep talks, Cromartie’s paternal struggles, Revis, Sanchize, and the crew. But this one could be waaaaay better. Here are the five things that stoke my fires the most:

5. Sean Payton BashingPayton had to blame Hackett and the coaches for Denver’s rotten season last year. Obviously, you can’t blame Russell’s sh!tacular performance all on the coaches, but Sean had to try. Don’t worry Russ, it wasn’t you. But man, did Payton go hard on the Jets OC.

I’d like to see the Jets coaching staff and players fire back. Ideally, “Bounty-Gate” jokes should be the appetizer to a 7-course feast of abuse.

4. Coaching Staff – On a related note, I’d like to know if Saleh is actually a good coach. Sometimes he’s seems like a young, capable coach finding his way. Other times, not so much. Hard Knocks will answer that question, like it did with Kliff Kingsbury last year. I’d like to believe Saleh will look better than that.

And is Hackett closer to the mess he was last year or to the previously functional offensive coordinator? I guess we’ll see.

3. The O-line – The Rodgers hoopla will quickly become poopla if the offensive line is anything like the injured mess it was last year. The guards are solid but the tackles and center are unsettled. Either Duane Brown or Becton really needs to be functional at left tackle.

A few breakdowns on the O-line leading to Aaron meltdowns would be enjoyable.

2. The Young Stars – The Jets have some great young stars and there are some big storylines here. Will Garrett Wilson blow up into one of the top WRs in the league with Rodgers, like Davante Adams? Is Breece Hall healthy and ready to pick up where he left off? Will Sauce and Quinnen continue their ascent to superstardom?

These are four exciting young players and getting a behind the scenes peek here should be fun.

1. Aaron Mother Effing Rodgers – Aaron went all in on the Jets by buying a $10 million home in Montclair, New Jersey about 10 minutes from his office. It sure doesn’t look like he’s planning on a one-and-done here. We need to get a look at this place and see how Aaron chills out at home. He definitely has some goofy, entertaining hobbies.

He’ll surely try to play it tight and not say anything too controversial. But he’ll be running the show on full display. He can’t hide. Honestly, he should be on screen around 75% of the time. We don’t need to know who wins the battle at long snapper. Just Aaron, Aaron, and more Aaron.

Bonus. Awestruck Zach Wilson – One would expect the young QB to be in near perpetual awe of the great AR. Is it too much to hope for Rodgers to treat Zach like his b*tch?

Wilson! I wanted an oatmeal raisin cookie, not a chocolate chip, you idiot!
Wilson! You forgot to fluff my pillow. Give me five laps around the mansion. 
Wilson! I told you to wash all my cars, not just the Escalero!

I could do this all day. In the words of former Jets’ linebacker Bart Scott“can’t wait!!” Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward.

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