Sad Season Leads to Sad Trade Deadline for Yankees and Mets

They Yankees are fun & "Dandy" again - like Mr. Met!

SPANISH HARLEM – This was certainly not the type of trade deadline you expected for the New York Yankees or Mets. Before the season started, hope was still something you believed in, as both teams were considered contenders in each league.

How times have changed that perspective and at the very least, the Mets made the right to move to deal their two best pitchers, Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander. Each guy was paid among the highest in the game and had no benefit to a team that was not making the playoffs. I am sure it was difficult for fans to see their team being sellers but trust that it was the correct move to make.

Did the Mets get any value back in those trades? You have to ask the expects but from the outside looking in, it doesn’t seem like much. Yet that is by any standard a better game plan than what the Yankees had, who didn’t do anything of substance and seemed delusional about their chances this season.

The Yankees traded for two relievers I never heard of and then went to have a press conference that instilled no confidence on this season or the future of the team. They pretty much stood pat while other teams around them got better. What makes it even more sad, this team does not have anything of value in the minor leagues that could bring back a player that could help and they don’t have anyone currently on their roster that any team wanted.

Buddy Diaz

I am not sure how to feel about the Yankees anymore, part of me will always root for their success but I really don’t believe that we have the people in place that can turn this team around. Everyone in the organization seems content with just making the playoffs and will continue to design this team to get there. They will continue to rely on players with major talent that are always injured, they will continue signing pitchers that have a history of injuries and they will continue to invest money in players that strike out and walk a lot… depressing!

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for more content and more sad news about the Yankees and Mets.

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