Have a Drink Miggy! The A’s Stupid Gesture

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OAKLAND, CA – If one needs further proof that a bunch of morons are running Major League Baseball, look no further than to the staff of the Oakland Athletics. Their stupidity along with their phoniness shined bright as they tried to do the right thing for the Detroit Tigers player Miguel Cabrera.

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The 40-year-old is on his farewell tour as he decided to retire following the 2023 season. Numerous teams have acknowledged his last season by honoring him before the game. The Cleveland Indians (Guardians to the Woke Wackos) gifted Cabrera with a guitar from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, while the Cincinnati Reds presented him with a custom baseball bat with their team’s logo on it. The New York Yankees gave him an autographed Yankee Stadium subway sign, along with a painting of his home run off of Mariano Rivera back in 2013. They also donated a 10,000 dollar check to his Miggy Foundation.

Other teams followed suit with a bunch of generous gifts to the future Hall of Famer. When it was the A’s turn to show their generosity, they dropped the ball. The clueless personnel, who obviously was oblivious to Cabrera’s last games in Oakland, apparently rushed to a nearby liquor store and plucked down 90 dollars for a bottle of Caymus 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley. In a game that is flooded with history, the employees who decided on this failed to look into Cabrera’s storied past.

Aristostle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis

He spent three months in an alcohol treatment program back in 2009. Cabrera was also arrested for DUI back in 2011 when he loudly told the cops, “Do you know who I am?” On being presented the cheap-ass gift from a cheap-ass organization, Cabrera grinned as he held up the bottle and pretended to drink from it.

All this brings us back to the stupidity of the employees being hired by greedy owners who have no knowledge of the game. It starts at the top and works its way down the organization to at least 25 out of the 30 teams in the league.

The PR department of the Oakland A’s is just like the team they put on the field, a bunch of scrubs!

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