Sports Rain Man: Final Mets Update, NFL Recap, Jets v Chiefs

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday!  And welcome to October! Before we continue, allow me to vent. I fumbled with Fantasy Football team, leaving Josh Jacobs and Puca Nacewa on the bench.  They racked up 55 points, while the rest of the the team scored 78. Anyway, here are the topics for this week: Final Mets Update, NFL Recap, Jets v Chiefs.

Final Mets Update

The New York Mets season is finally over. I will look to do a post-mortem down the road, maybe during week to fill in for one of Short Matt’s pinch-hit articles. One thing I called last week is that Buck Showalter would go. Again, though, I don’t know why. I am excited because oddly enough, when Showalter leaves a team, they usually win the next season. I think he may be a little too old school and not analytics-first enough. Regardless, they need to add another ace. I worry they may go too big and instead of getting a quality starter and a veteran outfielder. I don’t know who, but I think they need to sign someone who has won it – to be a big brother in the dugout.

Junior Blaber

NFL Round-up

The Lions continue to show they may be the real deal this season, as the easily beat the Green Bay Packers… The Jaguars made light work of the Falcons and the Dolphins were smacked back to reality by a dominant performance the BillsAngry Ward’s Vikings finally got of the schneid with a win against the rebuilding PanthersDa Bears continue to be terrible and somehow blew a 21-point lead against the Bumbling Broncos and lost the game… The Ravens never broke a sweat against the Browns and Texans cruised to victory after knocked out Pittsburgh’s starting QB… The Rams fought off a fight back by the Colts and the Buccaneers shutdown the Saints attack for an easy victory…  The Eagles barely got out with a victory against the Commanders, showing the dangers of playing division rivals… The Titans are sending the Bengals into panic stations with their win as the Bengals record is poor… The San Diego Chargers had to fight off the Raiders while them Cowboys stomped out the Patriots… The Niners continue to look like the the team to beat in the NFC.

Jets v Chiefs

For the NY Jets, this was a moral victory. They lost the battle but may have won the war. If they keep this up, they will make playoffs. The thing that stood out was something my Dad said. He was a boxing fan and always said that you need to knockout the champion, because if you let it go to the judges, the champion will always get the benefit of doubt. The Jets defense was denied an offensive holding call and given a phantom defensive holding call. The Chiefs came out firing and the Jets defense was reeling before they got it together with KC up 17-0. The Jets defense got a safety then they got field goal. Zach Wilson, aka Bob’s Big Boy, got on a roll and threw two touchdowns. He also and ran for a 2-point conversion. He did have a bad fumble on a shotgun play with 7 minutes on the clock. The refs then decided to help KC out on those two calls on 3rd and 25 and 3rd and 22, respectively. Those big calls denied the Jets another chance with the ball.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Big Ben Whitney – who will be lamenting another disappointing Giants loss.


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