Sports Rain Man: NFL Coaching Carousel, NFL on Peacock, NFL Playoffs Review

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy MLK Day! I’ve been fighting the cold the last few days so I’m going to have to dig deep to finish this article.  With the Bills’ game postponed, I will just focus on: NFL Coaching Carousel, NFL on Peacock, NFL Playoffs Review

NFL Coaching Carousel

Black Monday came and man, was it bloody. I won’t focus on the offensive/defensive coordinators under those coaches – just the Head Coaches…

Atlanta, Carolina, Las Vegas,  Los Angeles Chargers, New England, Seattle, Tennessee. and Washington all parted ways/fired their coaches.

Carolina, LAC and Vegas fired their guys during the season, so the interim coaches now have to hope their regular season body of work was enough. In the short time since these firings/parting of ways, only New England found a new coach. It was a bit like cheating, as they just promoted from within; the heir-apparent Bill Belichick essentially chose.

In Seattle, Pete Carroll seems to have been booted up into administration and will have big fingerprint on his successor.

Washington hired the assistant San Francisco GM at to be their new GM. Let’s see what happens. I will keep you updated.

NFL on Peacock

The amount of ink spent by people upset about the NFL on Peacock was a bit insane. However, I get it. I truly do. The NFL made its name being free-to-air. Then ABC/Disney bought ESPN and Monday Night Football went to ESPN. But the vast majority of people have cable/ESPN, so no one noticed. However, with the proliferation of streaming services to compete with Hulu and Netflix, things have changed. This move angered people because no one wanted to add to their number of subscriptions. I saw a theory on Twitter/X that this was the first step towards having the Super Bowl becoming Pay-Per-View. If they go that way, it will be surprising because they will be putting one the biggest sporting events behind a paywall. I don’t think this will kill the sport like it killed boxing, but it will put a dent into the popularity.

Junior Blaber

Playoff Review

When the Cowboys lose, America wins. It was great to see the Packers tear them a new one. It was amazing see Pat Mahomes fling the ball around like it wasn’t one of the coldest days in KC history, while the Dolphins seemed stuck in neutral. Taylor Swift or not, the Chiefs will still be a tough team to knock-out… The way the Houston Texans dismantled the Browns ruined the Joe Flacco feel-good story. However, Houston looked to have gotten their QB pick right in selecting CJ Stroud. The kid looked like a veteran, as the Texans seemed to be ahead of schedule in their rebuild… The Lions are not only back but they edged out the Rams. It must feel great for Jared Goff to tell Shaun McVey Sean McVay to go home after being traded away.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Ben Whitney, who apparently has forgotten all about his NY Rangers.

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