Grinding Ax: Quarantine Sports til 2021!!!

MURPHY’S MOUTH, NJ Time to Quarantine Sports! With all the conflicting stories, opinions and divisive behavior in the air , I am calling on all citizens to demand a blanket quarantine of professional sports until 2021.  Listening to multi-millionaires whine about how they are being treated and not being paid enough to play abbreviated seasons is injurious to the sanity of the masses who actually scrape up quarters to pay these delusional a-holes.

How about this idea? Boycott all professional sporting events and let the entire collection of self important douche bags chew on that for a bit. In this downtime, call for all of them to figure out who’s lives matter! Hopefully they will conclude EVERYONES! The black, white, brown, yellow , red and any other color one can identify with ALL matter.

Let’s get back to simple basic life that the electronic crowd cannot understand. Go for a bike ride, a walk, a jog or a run. Get out of the dangerous social areas and enjoy more solitude. Play ball with your kids. Wiffle, Punch, Stick, Basket, Stoop, whatever ball you want. Teach yourself or your kids how to skate. Teach them an instrument or another language. Turn off Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and all other opinion media and listen to Tom Petty, Jay Z, LED Zeppelin, Johnny Cash or any other genre that you wish. Take time in your day to simply close your eyes and breath.

If you must travel to work or the store, look at people above the mask. Look at their eyes. Respect what they may be going through. Pay for the coffee or grocery item for the person in back of you. Regardless of their color, occupation or political affiliation, they will be happy for at least a second. Don’t look back for accolades. Just move on. If someone is struggling with a door, crossing the street etc. lend a hand. Practice using please, thank you and simple pleasantries again. Call someone from the past who you have simply lost track of just to say hello.

When and if the ball drops in Times Square, maybe we will be ready to return to ranting why the our teams suck or will win.

Spending yesterday with my first grandchild was more enjoyable than attending any game, watching any show or thinking about any politics. I cannot wait to show him how to play sports and rub some dirt on those cuts, bumps and bruises. He will ask why I’m a Tiger fan because his dad is a Met fan. He will be a Rangers fan and football is still up for debate! When this all occurs, I hope that people will be more excited about the simplicity and excitement of enjoying sports again.

I’m took a bike ride with my wife this morning and now I will play my drums for a while.

Come back tomorrow for another edition of MTM with Sports Rain Man Junoir Blaber.

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