Monday Morning QB: NFL Playoffs, KC Comeback, Never More Ravens, Strong San Fran, Gritty Green Bay

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday! It was another late night for me recapping the NFL Playoffs for my devoted followers and supporters. The games this weekend were a mixed bag, so on the menu for today includes: NFL Playoffs, KC Comeback, Never More Ravens, Strong San Fran, Gritty Green Bay.

AFC Divisional Playoff

The Whole World Was Shocked. The Ravens have only lost 2 games all season and were easily the dominate team of the season. Likely MVP QB with 15 Pro Bowlers listed on the squad. However, after a few weeks of games that were about jockeying for position and not making the playoffs. The Ravens tossed a stinker and the Tennessee Titans were ready to pounce. The Ravens couldn’t get out of their own was they struggled on offense, with 3 turnovers committed by QB Lamar Jackson. So the Ravens only put 12 up, meanwhile the Titans have loads of success using running back Derrick Henry to great efficiency. The big back bruised the opposition any time he touch the ball. It is insane that a team led by Trent Dilfer Ryan Tannehill has eliminated a guy who will easily get into the HoF in Tom Brady, last week. He followed it up by eliminating a future legend. Playing strong fundamental football, with a couple of trick plays here and there, was the difference.

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(L to R) Junoir Blaber, Cam “Chiefs Fan” James, Ben Whitney, Different Matt, Cheesy Bruin

The Texans and QB Deshaun Watson started the game like a house on fire. It seemed like KC was gonna choke again – like Andy Reid is known for. The Texans stormed out to a 24-0 lead after barely a quarter and a half. It seemed over but it was far from it, as KC rallied with a 51-7  response. Before the second quarter finished, KC went from 24-0 down to being up 28-24. Then as you know, KC kept pouring it on, led by the arm of QB Pat Mahomes. KC TE Travis Kelce caught three while Damien Williams ran for 1 and caught the other two. Cam James’ team has a chance to fix last year’s mistake and make it to the Super Bowl. Not sure they can do it.

NFC Wild Card

The Niners were supposed to play the Saints in a rematch of regular season shootout. However, courtesy of Angry Ward’s Vikings tipping over the apple cart, it was Niners – Vikings. The Vikings didn’t have the ability or personal to compete with a young Niners team that was lacking playoff experience. Oddly enough, coaching adjustments were the key, as it was 14-10 to the 49ers at the half. But Head Coach Kyle Shanahan reached deep into his play book while Vikings coach Zimmerman wanted more of the same. Turns out the adjustment answered the question.

As for the other game, the Packers were home at Lambeau and they used every bit of the home field advantage to win. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks tried to fight back but Wilson was under constant pressure in the pocket and the offense wasn’t able to adapt. The failed comeback should not be looked at as a failure for Wilson, as he did all he could trying to carry that team on his back. The help just wasn’t there. Receivers weren’t getting open and he just didn’t have enough time. A highlight, though, was seeing Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch somehow score two touchdowns and show that he might still have it for another season in the NFL.

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