What’s Wrong With The NBA Playoffs? Do They Suck?


SPANISH HARLEM, NY – In all honesty, I have spent no more than 2 hours of my life watching this year’s NBA Playoffs. I only tune in to watch the games that matter (anything with Golden State or Lebron James), and have come away feeling slighted. The Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are just better than every other team in the league. They had no problem showcasing that in these playoffs. Both teams are a combined 16-0 and the only question that seems worth asking is: “Will either team lose a game before they meet up in the NBA Finals?” I’m sure that’s great for their fans… but what about the rest of us?

It’s a foregone conclusion that the Cavs and Warriors will meet in the NBA Finals for the 3rd time in a row. Sure Rockets vs Spurs seems like a good match-up but do you really see either team beating the Warriors? How about the winner of the Wizards vs Celtics beating Lebron & Co? Only an insane person would say yes! To me that makes the playoffs less interesting to watch and I’m sure I’m not the only person feeling this way.

The other day I asked myself: “Is there something wrong with the NBA?” I know the league is making more money than it ever has amd their popularity is at an all-time high. Yet, here I am feeling unsatisfied. What’s to blame for all of this? Is it the talent level? Is it the way organizations are constructing their teams? I don’t know for sure but… Here Is My Two Cents.

All you hear from the media is that the league is more athletic and more talented than in any other era in basketball. 7-footers are hitting threes, every guy can jump out of the gym and we have better point guards than ever before… but something is missing in these athletes… determination. Teams like the Toronto Raptors and Utah Jazz played as if they knew they had no chance. I won’t say they gave up but they looked deflated after every loss, I didn’t sense a fire burning inside to get even.  They took their lumps and stayed down!

The problem is that the league is getting younger; every good-to-great player in college is one-and-done, so teams are drafting prospects who are barely 20 years old. With more organizations betting on potential, you get teams that have inexperienced players who don’t really know how to play team ball. Most have been winners on every level and were the best players on their respective teams growing up. That usually means they don’t know how to lose. Young players are being drafted by terrible teams and have to learn on the fly, with no veteran leadership to show them how to become winners. Imagine being the best athlete in your neighborhood and you go play somewhere where everyone is better than you in almost every way… that’s the NBA for some of these kids. We live in an era of super teams and it seems that’s having an effect on these playoffs.

Pundits will blame the league for allowing players to enter the draft early but really the organizations are as much to blame. It’s all about money and people will pay to watch the very best athletes. Sure, it’s a business but everyone calls it a game… and games are supposed to be fun to watch.

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  • Junoir Blaber

    I agree to a certain extend but how much different is it than Lakers vs Celtics? People knew that it would be Magic v Bird at the end of the season, no matter what?

    • Buddy Diaz

      Good point but even those teams weren’t in the champsionships for 7 years in a row like Lebron has done. It’s possible Jordan could done it if he didn’t retire but we will never know. Even with Jordan didn’t face a team 3 times in a row like it will with golden state.

      Maybe it’s nostalgia but I remember seeing some battles between teams in the playoffs. Take Celtics Wizards yesterday, Boston won by 25… in a playoff game. Something doesn’t seem right when games aren’t even competitive in the playoffs.

      • We’ve been a tad lax in watching the #NBAPlayoffs. In fact, we’ve only seen a smattering of highlights, as our time has been consumed with sex toys and whether the term “d*ldo” is to be censored or not. But back to basketball. We are officially backing Cleveland; anyone that lives there deserves some sunshine – and there’s plenty o’ sunshine in the “Golden State.” More importantly, our support of the Cavs will hopefully anger Angry Ward, the fair-weather Warriors fan, making things interesting.

        *Edited by MTM Censors

        • Alas, the MTM Censors have spoken!

          • benwhit

            You dildo

          • AngryWard

            What Whitney said. Though you’re clearly more of a double dong.

  • vinny from brooklyn

    as a nets fan the season ended 2 months ago. but about baseball, do you guys think familia should lose his job?

    • Vinny, yesterday’s loss was brutal, to be sure. But the jury is no longer out on Jeurys. He’s the closer, for better or for worse.

      • jgclancy

        worse….I’d say worse
        Go A’s!

        • AngryWard

          Not to worry, the Mets curse strikes again. Familia reportedly has an arterial blood clot in his shoulder that will likely require surgery. Mets problems have a way of figuring themselves out… mostly on the disabled list.

  • Dude

    i’m a huge NBA fan and i too have watched barely a lick of this years playoffs. the problem with the NBA is that the league has been too watered down and softened. Even when Jordan was ruling the land he had to play at the top of his game to beat the knicks, the pacers, the jazz that the bulls squared off against in the playoffs. Also imagine if Reggie Miller got sick of losing and signed with Chicago? Or Patrick Weing signing with Indiana after blowing that finger roll? it would never have happened. The players today are all too buddy buddy with opposing players. The league needs some throwbacks to the enforcer and back to basket center era. Bring back the hand check and we’ll see how good this new generation of point guards really is. Also if you are going to rig the league how bout giving the Knicks the top pick again…

    • Buddy Diaz

      You bought up a subject I wanted to write about but it would made my article too long. The Specialists are obsolete, the enforcer, the glue guy, the defensive specialist. All gone… taken up by some 20 yr old with potential that should still be in college honing his skills or in the D-League. The veteran guy that keeps the order in the clubhouse is no more. It’s not good for the game! We need those guys back!

      • Dude

        totally agree. the role players must return. bring back the old illegal defense too. I miss the ’90’s NBA and I don’t think i’m alone. David Stern is to blame for most of this

    • benwhit

      Totally agree. Basketball is so top heavy that if a few of the top players gather on the same team, everything is thrown outta whack.

  • benwhit

    Yes they do suck. These guys are so good at 3s it’s not exciting anymore. And it’s a really hard sport to officiate. Half the foul calls are guesses. One time down a touch is a foul, the next time someone gets flattened and there’s no call. If they could work tackling in there, maybe I’d watch.

    • Buddy Diaz

      Did you read the article about Harden and his 3-pointer fouls being called. It’s a good read. The refs officiate is wildly inconsistent, I understand the whole thing about star treatment but it’s getting insane now.

    • AngryWard

      it’s hard to find fault with guys who can shoot the lights out. We went through years of guys who couldn’t shoot and the only competitive teams being the ones with a dominant center. Which is why we saw draft after draft of teams grab-bagging at oversized guys who couldn’t play. I think there’s got to be some sort of happy medium. Maybe Dude is right about bringing back the hand check.

      • Dude

        shooting the lights out is an admirable skill no doubt, but thos guys have always been in the league. The problem is now the 7 footers have no idea how to play the post. look at dwight howard, the guy has incredible athleticism but not one go to move to get a bucket. pathetic. i like guard oriented play but there needs to be a balance

  • GrindingAx

    The NBA sucks in general, so yes the playoffs would suck.

  • B.G.

    All the rule changes in the nba now benefit offense not defense. You can’t do anything but let guys score or get a foul. Also the nba allows players to collude, which isn’t allowed in any other sport. The result is an uncompetitive lopsided league full of entitled diva’s, who most of which, haven’t accomplished anything in the nba yet have all the power.

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