The Knicks Draft Position Stays At 9 and Potential Picks


SPANISH HARLEM – On Tuesday the NBA Draft Lottery was held and… of course the New York Knicks stayed at the ninth position. I won’t act like I’m happy because I’m not, its not because they didn’t move up in the lottery but because we should’ve been higher to begin with. Once Kristaps Porzingis was lost for the season, this organization should done everything it could to increase their chances of moving up… but they didn’t. I will stop there because I could rant about this for days but it’s on to the future and 4 potential picks that are linked to the team at that lottery slot *(as of today because we all know things could change from now until the actual draft).

Mikal Bridges (6’7, SF, Villanova)  – This kid has been link to the Knicks because it is a position of need ever since they traded Carmelo Anthony. He has the size and wingspan to play defense on multiple positions and would fit the positionless basketball that David Fizdale has talked about. Shoots the 3 well and has been compared to a Kawhi Leonard type of player that has 3-and-D potential in the NBA. Polished and a contributor to two NCAA title teams with Villanova, a Winner.

Miles Bridges (6’7, S’F/PF, Michigan State) – Another Bridges that could be a potential pick at 9 comes with more upside on the offense end. More explosive athletically and a year younger than Mikal, not known for his defense… yet but has the ability to play both forward positions with ease. Could help with Porzingis out indefinitely, as he could play the power forward position. If Fizdale can talk KP into being a center then this could be an elite frontcourt for years in New York. Can also shoot the 3 for a big man with a very good inside/outside game.

Wendell Carter, Jr. (6’10, PF/C, Duke) – This big has been compared to Al Horford, which is quite the compliment because Horford can ball and play defense. The one thing about Horford is that he does everything really well but nothing exceptionally great. He is seen as interchangeable at Power Forward and Center which could a position of need if Enes Kanter opts out of his contract. Has upside as an offensive and defensive big who works well around the basket.

Collin Sexton – (6’3, PG, Alabama) – Seen as a potential pick because some believe the Knicks don’t have their point guard of future on the roster. Plays as a scoring point guard but has some skeptics because he didn’t well from 3 in college. Considered an explosive guard that can get to the rim and draw fouls, which are essential in this league. Some may say that this team has to many point guards to begin with but if they think that Frank Ntilikina is a shooting guard then this could be the potential point guard of the future.

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