Canada vs Switzerland 1928 Games

WHISTLER, CANADA – After drinking the Piper’s Kilt on Broadway in Inwood, NY dry Tuesday night during our huge Pub Trivia win, we felt we were up for an Olympic sized trivia challenge. To qualify, we had to fight through significant hangovers and answer the get 85% of the following correct. Now it’s your turn:

Answers are at the bottom, so answer as you go and see see how you did…

  • #1: What woman was the only U.S. athlete to win a gold medal at the 1968 Winter Olympics?
    A: Barbara Cochran
    B: Peggy Fleming
    C: Dianne Holum
    D: Anne Henning
  • #2: What former IOC president wanted to eliminate team sports and the Winter Games?
    A: Sigrid Edström
    B: Avery Brundage
    C: Lord Killanin
    D: Commander McBragg
  • edstrom.jpgbrundage.jpgkillanin.jpgcommander-mcbragg-meetthematts-with-pipe.jpg

  • #3: What alpine city hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976?
    A: Lillehammer
    B: Insbruck
    C: Oslo
    D: Montreal
  • #4: What sport is played with stones and brooms?
    A: Nordic Combined
    B: Curling
    C: Women’s Ice Hockey
    D: Biathlon
  • #5: What contest of team strength was an official Olympic event from 1900 to 1920?
    A: Snowshoe Carry
    B: Tug of War
    C: Barrel Toss
    D: Groin Punch
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  • #6: How many athletes competed for Israel in the 1994 Winter Olympics?
    A: 7
    B: 1
    C: 9
    D: 2
  • #7: What event earned Norway’s Johann Olay Koss three golds at the 1994 Winter Olympics?
    A: Ski Jumping
    B: Speed skating
    C: Curling
    D: Cross Country
  • #8: Seth Wescott, Shani Davis and Shaun White join which athlete as the only Americans to win gold in consecutive Winter Olympics?
    A: Phil Mahre
    B: Dick Button
    C: Dick Slot
    D: Dick Trickle
  • #9: What sport has Take-Outs and The Hammer!
    A: Ice Hockey
    B: Curling
    C: Skeleton
    D: Nordic Combined
  • edgar_magde_syers-winter-olympics-meetthematts.jpg
  • #10: What was the only thing Brianna Scurry wore during her Gold Medal celebration lap through the late night streets of Atlanta?
    A: Old Glory
    B: Her gold medal
    C: A Greek Toga
    D: A Team USA Thong
  • #11: Who passed Eric Heiden to become the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian ever?
    A: Blair Thomas
    B: Bonnie Blair
    C: Bob Sledder
    D: Apollo Ohno


    Final Question: Who has more medals?
    A: Shaun White
    B: Shani Davis
    C: Hubit Chakakov
    D: Lindsey Vonn

  • Have your answers ready? You sure? Go back and check that you have answers for all of them… Okay, now stand up. Sit back down and keep reading. Look in the Tags below for the Answers.

    Cookie’s Corner, tomorrow…

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