Preacher’s Row: Knicks Bullied in OT, Blazing Braves, Hooters Research

Preacher Collins conducting 'market research'
Preacher Collins conducting Hooter's Research.
Preacher Collins conducting Hooters Research.

NEW YORK, NY – It’s that time of week again. Well, actually its a day early for Preacher’s Row, but I’ll take one for the team! Cookie had a cooking accident at home or maybe the Cookie Monster ate Cookie – can you blame him??? Or some other event kept her from baking something for today. Either way, she owes me… a Cookie, I guess,  for taking her spot in the rotation.

Where's Cookie?!
Where’s Cookie?!

It’s not so bad…being pulled out of a Hooter’s to rush home to make a deadline. Like a wife might call her husband if he’s out too late, my Editor-in-Chief, majority stockholder, Baseball coach and very good friend, reeled me in before anything bad happened or could have… And for the record, I was only there conducting “Market Rearch” or is that Hooters Research?) at Hooters in Manhattan on 56th street and Broadway. Just research mind you…and a half dozen raw oysters, 10 juicy hot wings and 3 berry lemonades.  What else would I be doing on a Thursday night in the liveliest city in the world?  Play “Smurf’s Village on my phone?  Ha!  Not in a million years would I be caught doing that – a 41-year-old, college-educated, red-blooded male who couldn’t figure out how to freakin bake strawberry cupcakes in Greedy Smurf’s freakin’ bakehouse???  Not me…

Greedy smurf's Bakery can go 'smurf' itself!
Greedy Smurf go “smurf” himself.

Shout out to Tim Puopolo who played wing-man (haha – get it?) and predicted the fateful demise of the NY Knickerbockers. It took until OT but Da Bulls bullied them back to reality. Welcome back to Earth guys….or After Earth if you are a Will Smith fan. Carmelo Anthony‘s 36 points led all scorers but weren’t enough to lift the Knicks to what would have been their 14th win in a row. We’ll see if this was a fluke or if they bounce back to continue their forward charge.  Not a bad run though at 13, though!

Knicks BULLied in OT
Knicks BULLied in OT

Speaking of running… How bout them Braves?! Who picked these guys to take it all this year? Preacher Collins did. And now they have blazed a way to a scorching 8-1 record (tops in the MLB) washing the Marlins out to sea. Next up are the Washington Nationals, who are also on a tear, having swept the White Sox and are nipping at the Braves heels. The Nats are undefeated on their home turf ,so I think this 3-game series will be the one to watch and may set the stage for who has the biggest stick in the NL East. My bet is the Braves taking 2 of 3 and Justin Upton hitting 2 dingers, reaching 8 home runs only 2 weeks. It’s gonna be a good one.

That’s all for Preacher’s Row but check out Junoir Blaber manana!

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