World Health Day: Sports Fan’s Blood Boiling

Cheesy Bruin
Cheesy Bruin

PISCATAWAY, NJ – For those of you not in the know, today is World Health Day. It’s an observance and promotion of global health, celebrating the World Health Organization’s founding. This year’s theme is high blood pressure, something sports fans are far too familiar with. Wanna see hypertension, check out Angry Ward watching ESPN. That said, here’s a look at some recent sports items that got this Sports Fan’s Blood Boiling:

Rutgers Basketball: The firing of Head Basketball Coach Mike Rice after video of his basketball boot camp went viral courtesy of a disgruntled former employee did happen way too late.  To make the Athletic Director resign days after the tape aired amid public outcry and more importantly long after reviewing the events and deliberating punishment with the university President when the abuse occurred is unfair.  Politics obviously allowed Rutgers President to keep his job by selling the AD up the river because a whistle-blowing blackmailer sought dollars rather than justice for the mistreated players.

Regis Pitching for Yankees
Yanks sign Regis Philbin

Roberto Luongo: While most of us toil just to make ends meet, poor “Bobby Loo” stated, somewhat angrily, that “my contract sucks,” due in large part to the $5 million salary cap hit, making the goalie difficult to trade.  Yeah, I’m sure it must suck to be facing the reality of making that much coin until the year 2022, when the contract runs its course, but here’s just another spoiled superstar getting paid to play a game who cavalierly has no regrets about making the statement. It’s fitting his nickname means toilet in England, because it was clear he sh!t his pants in the 2011 Stanley Cup.

New York Yankees: Fans of the Bronx Bomb-less are not used to low expectations and if the opening week of the baseball season is any indication of what is to come this summer get yourself to the doctor or clinic for some blood pressure meds.  From what little I’ve seen and heard on the radio side, there’s no excitement on the field or in the booth.  Not much hitting, even fewer homer runs and save for old pro Andy Pettitte, the pitching looks extremely suspect.

Jerome Iginla: As a Boston Bruins fan, the prospect of having Jerome Iginla wear the Black and Gold was an exciting one.  The flip side of the trade was giving a skilled, can’t-miss, 19-year-old Alex Khoklachev in return.  Barack Obama, Jeremy JacobsAs much as I was pissed over Iginla not wanting to play for the Bruins – thus nullifying the trade – my anger turned toward Bruins fans who took to social media after Joel Ward’s Game 7 elimination goal in last year’s playoffs.  Racial epithets were expressed by chowdah heads, who clearly forgot the significance of Willie O’Ree and the playoff exploits of Anson Carter in the 90’s.  Don’t think for a minute this had nothing to do with Iginla selecting Pittsburgh as his landing strip.  My only hope for these puck faces is they get used to having a black player on the roster by the time Malcolm Subban is ready to patrol the crease for the Bruins.

What makes your systolic numbers rise?

West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

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