Tony Hawk goes Smithsonian, NFL Prison Football League, Aaron Hernandez, Hero and Villain of the Week

Prison Football League Meet_The_Matts
Prison Football League with Aaron Hernandez

RIKER’S ISLAND, NY – It’s Friday night on the longest day of the year and things are just, well, crazy!  And Preacher’s Row starts out on ‘Inmate Row‘ reporting to you from Riker’s Island where NFL Commish Roger Goodell just announced a new partnership with the Prison Football League (PFL). Apparently, so many NFL players are getting arrested that it just made sense to start investing in their futures. Explaining his actions, Goodell responded:

It is our job to lead the way,Goodell said, adding that “the NFL is in the position to have a wide impact and takes that responsibility.

Future PFL '"Tight End?"
Future PFL “Tight End?”

Oh, wait, that’s the quote from his speech at the National PTA Convention regarding the NFL‘s programs to prevent head injuries in sports…  Well, any-hoot, the New England Patriot’s Tight End Aaron Hernandez (our Villain of the Week) may soon be wishing he played in another position should he be arrested and sent ‘up river’ for his involvement in a recent homicide.  In addition to a frenzy of media attention, PFL scouts have been seen in the area.

In other news, skateboard legend Tony Hawk is donating his first skate board (a fiberglass Bahne model, year 1975, with Chicago roller skate trucks and Stoker loose-ball-bearing urethane wheels) to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History this weekend.  This author was totally unaware that skateboards had models, or ball bearings, much less could end up in the most prestigious museum in the world.  But there ya have it!

Lenny Dykstra to open up new batting and bankruptcy clinic
Dykstra to open Batting & Bankruptcy clinic

Along with Tony’s generous donation, another skating legend – Cindy Whitehead – is donating her skating apparel and some skating membership cards.  Rumor also has it that former NY Met’s Center Fielder Lenny Dykstra, just released from a California Prison after serving a 6 month sentence for bankruptcy fraud, is donating his jock strap as a surprise “donation bomb” after the ceremony.

And…oh yeah the Miami Heat won game 7 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night against the San Antonio Spurs (95-88) with LeBron James scoring 37 pts and 12 rebounds.  That’s nice.

Golden glove worthy 'baby saving' catch
Gold Glove worthy “baby-saving” catch

Moving on…we have our Preacher’s Row Hero and Villain of the Week.

Hero of the Week:  Cristina Torre (Former Yankees manager Joe Torre’s daughter)For saving and catching a baby boy who fell from a 2nd story Brooklyn fire escape.  A definite Gold Glove candidate!

Villain of the Week:  Aaron Hernandez

For being a “dundle-head” for not clearing out the trash in his life that now might just send him away for a long time.

Bonus: Best Impression of Pulp Fictions “Cleaners”: Aaron Hernandez for destroying his cell phone, home security & surveillance system, and having his mansion cleaned in record time.

Well that’s all for Preacher’s Row for now, be safe, be kind, and stay tuned for my friend Cheesy Bruin manana.

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