From Patriots to Inmates, Jets’ Sanchez “Bets” on himself, and Hero & Villain of the Week

July 15th 8pm ET on ESPN

Washington DC – It was a long and rainy day in DC but this author has somehow found the time to pen (or type rather) his weekly Preacher’s Row.  Though it might be considered Preacher-lite.  After a few business meetings for my day job, some quick snap shots of our great Nation’s monuments, and an exhausting and crowded Amtrak back to Penn Station, we are ready to roll!

Preacher Collins lobbying for Sports Comedy writers
Preacher Collins lobbying for Sports Comedy writers

Where should we start?  Going for some low-hanging fruit, the New England Patriots are considering a name change to the New England Inmates.  As if Aaron Hernandez’s alleged murder charge drama was not enough, we have yet another juicy, yet sad story.  Apparently the Pats’ cornerback Alfonzo Dennard was just arrested on DUI (while on probation for assaulting a police office).  So, this proposed name change just more accurately reflects their team roster’s demographics.  Preacher Collins’ foresees another sports jersey exchange in the near future…

Headband Diva Sanchez
Headband Diva Sanchez

Speaking of the near future, the NFL pre-season is due to start later this month and the NY Jets’ Perennial QB Mark Sanchez faces some stiff competition in Rookie Geno Smith, a former West Virginia University star.  And to kick-off the rivalry, Geno apparently rejected Sanchez’s invitation to his (pre)pre-season training aptly dubbed “Jets West” due to its location in Mission Viejo, California.

Was Sanchez worried?   Here’s what the headband wearing Jet’s QB had to say:

“When it comes down to a competition, I just put my money on myself and go play and win the job.”

Sanchez - a "scratch-off" chance to win
Jets and Sanchez – a “scratch-off” chance to win last season

That’s nice…then why can’t you win any fleepin’ games?  Playing scratch-offs last year would have been better odds than betting on the Jets (6-10) OR Sanchez.  My money is on Geno.

Tackling some baseball happenings, my beloved Atlanta Braves are still leading their division though somehow their entire starting outfield is now on the injured list.  Jason Heyward, and now the Upton brothers are now sidelined (or benched rather) until probably after the All-Star break.

Speaking of All-Stars, how about Baltimore Orioles’ First Baseman Chris Davis?!  He is on Home Run Fire hitting his 35th HR of the season last night against the Toronto Blue Jays in an 8-5 win.  Of Davis’ last 9 hits, 7 have been home runs (where is my intern to double check that??)  Only Barry Bonds (39), Mark McGwire (37), and Reggie Jackson (37) have had more HR’s prior to the All-Star break.

Whew!  Now that we’ve got some legit stories in (at 3:39am) it’s time for the Hero & Villain of the Week!

New HR King Chris Davis

Hero of the Week:  Chris Davis

For bringing back some genuine excitement to the MLB and the upcoming Home Run Derby competition to be held July 15th.  And for also having a smokin’ hot baseball wife – Jill.  (see featured pic)

Villain of the Week:  Alfonzo Dennard

New England "Inmates" Cornerback
New England “Inmates” Cornerback Dennard

For adding to the increasing list of NFL player’s who continue to drag the sport down and waste their God-given talent with poor personal life decisions.

Well, that’s all for Preacher’s Row (lite), be safe, be kind, and stay tuned for Cheesy Bruin tomorrow.

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