NCAA Making Johnny Manziel Into Miley Cyrus

johnny-manziel-haircutST. LOUIS, MO – In the world of college sports, nothing is more evident than the fact that the NCAA is no more credible and has no more power than a teen pop star’s Dad.  Over the years the NCAA has found ways to ground, scold, slap the wrist of and even take away driving privileges and allowances of players, coaches, teams and universities.  In the end all they care about is that the teeny-bopper keeps bringing the checks that they think are theirs to cash.

The most recent incident with Johnny Manzielaka Johnnny Football –  is no different. Essentially, the NCAA bylaw that Mr. Football allegedly violated is so ludicrous that it begs the question how the hell was this organization even created?

johnny-manziel-girlsMonsieur Futbol allegedly violated a bylaw in which he in good faith, is supposed to assume that when signing things for free, he should assume that they are going to enter the marketplace and be sold for profit… and thus should not do so.  WTF!!!  So he isn’t getting paid and he is supposed to assume that by signing things they are going to be sold for profit and that is not kosher?!

All I hear is you signed something wherein the NCAA didn’t get a chance to profit and neither did the University.  I bet if the autographs were signed at a TAMU authorized retailer on campus, the NCAA would be happy to raise the price of sanctioned merchandise 500% and take a cut while Mr. Football signs the memorabilia in good faith that he will never see a dime but the profit goes in the right pocket.

The Elephant and the Hippopotamus
Google TAMU? You get “The Tortoise, the Elephant & the Hippopotamus” (Click The Picture)

A further example of this is the fact that shortly after last year’s season began TAMU (Texas A&M University) trademarked the phrase “Johnny Football.” What the bleep is that?  What happens when the kid graduates?  Does the University deny him any profits from any Johnny Football campaigns because there are a lot of Johnnys in the world?  Billy-Ray-CyrusNo… I’ll tell you what happens:  The kid will become the next Miley Cyrus.  For years Miley claimed to be “oppressed” by Disney and her agents and her parents keeping her in that mold.  So she goes and rebels by turning herself into a younger/less-pregnant Britney Spears.

Similarly, these college athletes are put under such scrutiny by the NCAA that when they come out of school they go off the deep end like… well the list of college athletes that went pro and crazy is too long to list.  I blame the bad parenting of the NCAA for these misspent youths being off their John Rockers (click this).

Because of all of this, I have formally filed my paperwork to trademark the following:  Cam, Cam James, Camtavious James, Ram Rules, Rams Rules, Cams Rules, and Cam James Family Band.  My Meet The Matts father Short Matt has profited enough from my slavings.

I no longer will be objectified by the censorship and marketing set forth by the bylaws of this site! Until next week

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