Brian Holloway, Alabama Segregation, Arian Foster, Trent Richardson, World Cup 2022

Brian Holloway; Photo - Michael Hill
Brian Holloway; Photo - Michael Hill
Brian Holloway; Photo – Michael Hill

EL BARRIO, THE BRONX But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. – James 1:22. What does that have to do at the intersection of sports and comedy, you ask!? Simple, don’t talk about it be about it and the matters I take issue with today will have you all yelling in aisles… This preaching trend/religious angle will continue as long as yours truly will be called in to pinch-hit for Preacher Collins.

Let’s talk about former NFL player Brian Holloway and his vacation home in upstate New York. Apparently a group of nearly 300 kids trashed his place while he was away. They spray-painted the walls, peed on the floor, broke a bunch of stuff. Holloway had an eagle statue that was part of a memorial for his stillborn grandson. They stole that. They caused about $20,000 in damages. Rather than press charges, Holloway finds that the geniuses took photos and posted them on the interweb. He uses social media to find the photos and the kids names and creates a website He tells the kids just come and clean up the mess and no charges will be filed. Well, it looks like charges will be filed after all. Charges against Holloway… by the parents of the children upset that he has named and publicly outed them. Ironically, the parents have helped out themselves.

Now batting... Blaber....

Holloway invited these parents to see the damage and 1 parent showed. 1 kid showed to help clean up, also. All I can say is that in the Blaber family, a good ass-whooping is a family heirloom handed down from generation to generation – and trust me, my parents would have been dealing them out like candy should me or my brothers been involved in something like this. One can only wonder what MTM’s PTA Board of Cookie, Grote2DMax, Cheesy Bruin, West Coast Craig and Angry Ward think.

Roll Segregation! [Ahem] Um I mean Roll Tide! Apparently, in a tale fresh from the 1960s, this year – yes, 2013 – the University of Alabama sororities are just now letting in black students. It’s flabbergasting as to how this is allowed to exist on a college campus. I mean, traditional black colleges have accepted white students in the university and Greek life. Though I have never met one, I have heard of them – like dragons or unicorns. However, is anyone surprised this is happening in the deep south and Alabama? Well kinda, considering how black the Alabama basketball and football teams are. We shall overcome someday! Guess someday was the key word.

Chicago Bears v Cleveland BrownsSegueing from Alabama and the NCAA, let’s move to the NFL Two running backs made news related to those organizations. Arian Foster came out this week and admitted to making money on the side while playing college football at Tennessee. I am sure the NCAA will get all insulted, but no one – and I mean no one – is surprised by that news. Just more of what took so long for someone to admit. What did shock people was the trade of former Alabama (and black) RB Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts. Richardson was drafted last season the #3 pick overall. Apparently the Browns have decided he no longer fits their plans for the future. Former Team President and Super Bowl-winning coach Mike Holmgren thought it was one of the dumbest move he has heard off and that the team needs difference-makers now – not draft picks. In fairness to Cleveland, if Holmgren did his job, he wouldn’t be the former president and they wouldn’t still be rebuilding. Wait til next year Cleveland fans!

QatarMost soccer fans know that as an organization, FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations) is the king of all corrupt national and international sporting bodies – including the NCAA. After taking the money and saying we can hold a World Cup in the summer – in Qatarwhere it is 127 F/40Cbefore noon. FIFA are saying they want to move the World Cup to January in the middle of the European season. UEFA (the 54 nation European association) objected but now seem to be signing a new tune and saying January might work. I guess those checks sent to Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts just pinged “payment confirmed.” We all wait for the next chapter in this tale.

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for more blabberings from Cheesy Bruin.

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