Crazy NFL Weekend Headlines… and no Tebow?

Jets beat Tampa Nick_Folk Geno_Smith Meet_The_MattsFORT WORTH, TX – The NFL is back. While you were eating your hot wings and pizza and drinking your beer, I did my best to keep tabs on all of the games to provide some highlights of what happened around the league. With that, here are some Crazy NFL Weekend Headlines:

Safeties! Safeties! Safeties! Believe it or not, there were three safeties in Sunday’s games. And all in the first quarter! The New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars all collected the rare score. For Pittsburgh and Jacksonville, it was one of few bright spots of the weekend… especially for Jacksonville.

The Jags’ safety was their lone score Sunday, which is pretty pathetic. Fortunately,  I sat Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew this weekend in Fantasy Football since he was pretty ineffective, just like the rest of his offense.

The Steelers are without their defensive leader this year too after James Harrison left to go play with a division rival.
Steelers are without their defensive leader after James Harrison went to rival Bengals.

Kiss your playoff hopes goodbye PittsburghWe all sort of saw this coming in the preseason: the Pittsburgh Steelers cannot score. It’s plain and simple. They have an inexperienced offensive line that just became even more inexperienced after losing center Maurkice Pouncey to a torn ACL and MCL Sunday. Pouncey was the lone leader on this group and without him it will  be tough for this team to rebound.

This offense has lost a lot of key players since the off-season, with the departure of Mike Wallace, Pouncey’s injury, and rookie running back Le”Veon Bell who is currently out with an injury as well. This pretty much leaves QB Ben Roethlisberger all alone out there. Good luck Big Ben!

A weekend without Tim Tebow. Look, ESPN is in love with Tim Tebow. Everyone knows it. But for once, we all got to enjoy a weekend without Timmy T… Nada from what I saw. Nothing on Sunday NFL Countdown, Fantasy Football Now, or any of the other pre-game shows. So… Have we finally seen the last of the struggling quarterback? If it wasn’t for his ego, he’d be on an NFL roster right now (at a different position, of course.) But hey maybe after Jacksonville’s high scoring affair of two points this weekend they’ll bring him on.

What's next for Tim Tebow? The CFL???
What’s next for Tim Tebow? The CFL???

We’ll just have to wait and see! Please comment on whatever you like below and come back tomorrow for Fake Sandy Alderson.

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