broncos-cheerleadersDENVER, CO – This week more than ever the need for MTM press passes is apparent… and yet again I do not have one.  On the day of the beginning of NFL Season I am in Denver on business and I, like many miscreant blog writers, will be climbing the rafters outside of Sports Authority Field, as opposed to having beads of dreamy Eric Decker’s sweat flung upon me on the sidelines like a real reporter with a real press pass (Yes, I am bitter).  That being said tonight’s game is probably one of the most intriguing games to start a season in while.

henrik lundquist
No, not that Lundquist!

I for one do not enjoy watching teams like the Pats, Steelers, or Giants starting the season with more pomp and pageantry than Miss America on steroids.  Every year the NFL kickoff turns into a hometown circle jerk that with some boob like Verne Lundquist filling dead air time, which is difficult for a man who can’t even keep someone entertained during a nail-biter. This year the Super Bowl champs play on the road and will have to wait a week to hang their banners and march their streets and I am thankful for that.

Unfortunately, the fact that the game is in Denver won’t prevent the NFL from giving them a tug.  Before the game starts Keith Urban will be playing a kickoff concert back at Bodymore’s inner harbor, which NBC will gladly broadcast in order to rake in a half hour of Nielsen Ratings pre-game, as all of the wives and girlfriends around the country pine over a “country” artist that hasn’t sung a song about a barn or tractor and has hair longer and straighter than most of the women watching.  If it were up to the men, we would be turn it off and watch thirty minutes of pre-game on ESPN to avoid that mess… but what can you do.

Von Miller on and off field-1
Miller: Suspended for outfits?

The game itself should be a great contest.  Cookie’s Broncos are a 7.5 point favorite and Denver will win this game – but the spread ain’t happening.  With Von Miller suspended and Champ Bailey unavailable you better believe that the ravens are going to put up points.  Torrey Smith is going to be covered by at best a number two corner.  That equals ten points right there.  Ray Rice will have plenty of room to pound up the middle with Miller out.  Peyton has had his troubles throwing in Ed Reed’s directions as well.  That being said Peyton is going to win 13 games again this year and 8 of 8 at home.  Broncos win 27-24.  More importantly Joe Flacco’s newfound hubris is going to yield a very fun post game press conference.

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