USA Soccer Rocks Mexico… Mexico Sucks

soccer-girls-boobs-760209MEXICO – I, Camtavious James, am going to break all rules on this site  – at the risk of being run out of Mattville.  Yes, today’s column is about… football.  BUT… I don’t mean that thing we came up with wherein only a skinny former footballer kicks the ball.  I’m talking about… soccer.

On Tuesday night the United States national team stuck it to El Tri (code of the Mexicans) 2-0 in Columbus, Ohio thus clinching another World Cup berth for next year’s tourney in Rio (MTM PRESS PASSES REQUESTED).


Look, I was not a huge fan of hiring Jurgen Klinsmann, but it seems that after a sputtering start last year he has this team doing wonders on the pitch – with the exception of sloppy back line play, which is only due to a lack of experience not a lack of talent.

The bigger headline resulting from this game, though, isn’t that the USA Soccer team is in; it is that the Mexicans aren’t… yet.  Right now the Mexicans are on the outside looking in, behind 3 points – that’s one win – with two contests left against Honduras and Costa Rica.  To put that in perspective, if the Mexicans don’t make the World Cup it would be on par with some of the following:

Soccer-Body Painting world cupLeon Lett… For those of you who don’t remember this buffoon please watch the video here.  There is nothing dumber than a defensive lineman handling the football.  Leon Lett isn’t the only boob to commit such an offense… just ask the Denver Broncos about Danny Trevethan.  That being said nothing trumps screwing up a Super Bowl.

Bill Buckner… Most of you praise this beleaguered man’s existence but no one can claim they dropped the ball more than Bill.

Cubs winning the World Series… For Cubs fan everyone this would be the equivalent of having their entire identity taken from them.  The Mexicans missing the World Cup is about as probable as the cubs winning the World Series.  In both places if one of these two situations were to happen an equal amount of raping and pillaging would occur.  Come to think about it Mexico and Chicago already have that in common.

Truck Stop Missouri being picked up for another season… If I have to answer the question, “Is that what life is like in Missouri?” one more time I am going to stab myself in the neck.  Do we like to fish? Yes. Do we like to hunt? Sure.  Do we occasionally have parties in fields? Of course we do, that is what an empty field is for.  Does this all mean that we are all loudmouth, fat, uneducated slobs that work at a truckstop? Hell NO!

Historical Baseball Porn…  It would be so unexpected but so awesome for a modern day skin-flick producer to create characters like Anus Slaughter, Mordecai “Three Fingers” Brown, “Flash Her” Gordon, “Push ’em in” Tony Lazerri, Cal Rip Skin, The Sultan of Twat, The Splendid Splinter and… Horny Ward.

Cookie’s Corner, tomorrow.

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