Rallying Yankees Surge, Broncos Cruise, Giants and Rangers Ready

Has anyone seen Molly?

The BRONX, NYThe Rallying Yankees have the best record in the AL since mid-August. They’ve done it with big rallies and timely hitting. Last night the Bombers were down 7-2 going into the bottom of the 7th. By the time the 8th inning rolled around the Yanks were leading 8-7. These games have had my blood pressure higher than someone rolling on Molly at the Electric Zoo.

With the return to the lineup of Jeter, Granderson, and A-Roid, and the acquisition of Alfonso Soriano, the once anemic Yankee lineup has now been wearing pitchers out. What is striking about the way the Yankees have been rallying is that they haven’t been relying on the long ball. With over 1000 home runs between A-Rod and Soriano, Alfonso Soriano Yankeesand 80 dingers from Granderson the past couple of seasons, you would expect these rallies to include their fair share of long balls. But the Yanks have been punching singles and doubles down the lines, into the gaps and around the shifts.

A Mo blown save, some bad base-running and Joba Chamberlain cost the Bombers the victory last night. And that really puts to bed the Yanks’ gossamer-thin chances of catching the Red Sox. I don’t think they really thought the Sox could be caught. The Yankees will focus on the Wild Card, as they have been. They’ll need to take the next three from Boston to keep up with the Orioles, who are playing the White Sox, and the Rays who are out in Seattle this weekend. I still think the Yankees will get that second Wild Card. I don’t think they’ll make it past that one game playoff though. But I guess it will be considered a playoff appearance. Even if it shouldn’t.

TrevathanDropsBallB4GoalLineCriesSomeone tells me there was also some sort of gridiron contest last night. Apparently, the Horsies were rolling over the Blackbirds when the most idiotic play in the history of idiocy happened. Danny Trevathan was waltzing in for a pick-six when he inexplicably decided to drop the ball… three yards before the end zone. The ball went out the back of the end zone for a Ravens touch-back. Bodymore scored a few plays later and instead of icing the game at 49-17, The Broncos had to keep working to protect a 42-24 lead with over 10 minutes left.

Did some mention Gossamer?

The Giants start their season Sunday at the Jerry Dome, where they still haven’t lost. We’ll see how David Wilson handles all of the running load with the injury to Andre Brown. I would expect the Jints to throw more with the shortage of running backs, but they may just pound away with Wilson until he can’t move his legs anymore. Giants win a close one late and Jerry Jones vows to build another stadium just for the Cowboys to play the Giants.

We’re less than a week away from NHL training camp and Derek Stepan still isn’t under contract. I’m not worried, though. A deal will get done before what should be a good season. The Rangers will either win or lose every game 6-5. I’m interested to see how tough this team will be with Alain Vigneault at the helm. Edmonton Oilers v New York RangersVigneault teams have never been known for their grit, and time will tell how that will fly in the new “Metropolitan” division, which may be the stupidest name for anything ever.

Thats all for me today. LETS GO YANKEES.

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