I miss Hank Williams
I miss Hank Williams

Freakish events (defensive and special teams TD’s) kept the Rams game from the selected ‘Under’ and kept us from a 3-1 mark last week.  Settling for a 2-2 record and with only one losing week, my prognostications on the season are 24-15 overall for a 62% winning clip.  Here are today’s FREE NFL WEEK #11 Picks:

FAVORITE A bettor’s fascination with Monday Night Football home teams has dissipated over the past decade or so, but at times, homcookin’ can’t and shouldn’t be ignored as is the case this week. The Carolina Panthers are hosting a prime time Monday game off of a statement win (as predicted here) against the 49ers and are ready to ride the wave of a raucous home crowd as AFC heavy and hopeful New England fly south off of their bye. The Panthers don’t want last week’s victory going for naught as the win also angers a Niners team who can use failure as motivation in today’s game versus the front-running Saints whom Carolina is chasing and inches closer to with another beatdown. CAROLINA -2 1/2

Miami Sound Machine...CHA-CHING!
Miami Sound Machine…CHA-CHING!

UNDERDOG Not a big underdog, but an underdog nonetheless are the embattled Miami Dolphins today. If they are the team that has been reported to be “like family” in the Jonathan Martin hazing fiasco, this is the time to prove so after being the first team to lose to the Tampon Bay Yucks in front of a Thursday night television audience. A win gets the ‘Fins to .500 and back in the AFC mad scramble for a playoff spot if they can step up amid the turmoil. Now is the time for leadership to surface and in comes a Chargers team that I think is ready to go in the tank.  Nothing cures what ails in the NFL like a “W”.  MIAMI +1 1/2.
OVER There’s a trend at play today that an old-timer made me privy to a very long time ago and has reaped reward$ many times over. Okay, so it was at the old Broadway & West 231st Street OTB in between races as the old salt saw me holding the parlay cards I used to peddle in high school.  Anyway, write this one down folks–bet the “Over” in any inter-conference game where either team has played three consecutive division games. The Ravens last three games were at Pittsburgh and Cleveland and home versus Cincy. The trend is put to the test with Da Bears backup QB under center and a sluggish Baltimore offense. BALT/CHI OVER 44.Best "tip" ever at OTB.


UNDER Let’s see. Arian Foster has landed on season-ending IR and Ben Tate now auditions for

"UNDER" Wear That's Fun To Wear
“UNDER” Wear That’s Fun To Wear

the NFL in his contract year and can cash in with a strong showing as a bell-cow RB. Rashad

Jennings has been doing likewise for the Oakland Raiders in Darren McFadden’s stead as both teamsare starting inexperienced signal callers, although Case Keenum throws the ball downfield better than Terell Pryor. Three yards and a cloud of dust in this game. OAK/HOU UNDER 41.

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