Happy ThanksHanuking! Thanksgiving Day Thanks to Angry Ward, Rob Ford, Turkey Bowls, A-Rod, Team Owners

Meet_The_Matts Thanksgiving Parade
Thanksgiving Thanks & Happy ThanksHanuking! (Hanukkah + Thanksgiving)

NEW YORK, NY – With the NYPD measuring the local wind-speed as we strain against our balloon tethers – next to Snoopy, Spidey and Hello, Kitty – to type this, we can’t help but feel Happy and full of Thanksgiving for those personalities in the sports-world that make this whole enterprise possible. With that, we give you Thanksgiving Day Thanks List:

Junoir_Blaber-Angry_Ward-Black Friday
Black Friday Shoppers Blaber, AW, Sternberg

Angry Ward: While we’re humbled with gratitude for all our pundits, without question, A-Dubya is our big toe; our Sergeant Hulka. The Angry One not only has written every Wednesday for the past 14 years, he’s also brought in 9/10s of our staff, including Grote2DMax, Cookie, Cheesey Bruin and The Public Professor.  Sans AW, nous ne sommes rien. P.s… A nod to West Coast Craig, whom has been with us as long, providing a calming counter to Antsy Ward.


Rob Ford: It’s only been a short time in an historical sense, but the embattled Toronto Mayor has been herpetic: he’s the gift that keeps on giving. How apropos for Thanksgiving!

Run it! Don’t be such a chicken!

Turkey Bowls: Hey, this is the one last tradition in the USA that is as pure as JG Clancy’s love of food. Old friends get together, families have generational games and folks have a chance to tear a hamstring before sitting down for uncomfortable amounts of food. Our Turkey Bowl has us refereeing an annual kids’ game at Albert Leonard Middle School in New Rochelle at 10 AM. Do we know all the Ref Hand Signals? No. But give us a whistle, flags and distinct size advantage and you’d think we were Jerry Seeman’s sons!

Alex Rodriguez: Sports pundits everywhere owe this man some payola. Without question, L-Rod (Lightening Rod) as given, given and… given. Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez for having him.

mikhail-prokhorov-russian-billionaire-buys-new-jersey-nets1-270x250Team Owners: Where would we be, all of us sports media, without Jerry Jones, Jim Dolan, Mark Cuban and The Wilpons?! They are the obvious ones, but how about what’s brewing in Brooklyn?! Mikhail Prokhorov promised that his Brooklyn Nets would win a championship in five years when he took over. He’s brought in 4 old guys to back up that guarantee. This marks five years, Mickey! The team is now only overshadowed by the dark shadow of the cross-town rivals for the ludicrous, the New York KnickerbockersNote: We’d take Mark Cuban as an owner in a heartbeat. He won in basketball in Dallas!

And last but not least… We are thankful for all of YOU that pop in often or once and a while. Danke. Merci. Gracias. Thank you.

Don’t eat too much turkey, comment below between forkfuls and come back tomorrow for Black Friday Fun-dit, Different Matt.

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