Blaber’s Blabberings: David Stern, All-Star Reserves, Hockey in the Bronx and The Big Game

Magic and David Stern
Magic and David Stern

EL BARIO, BRONX – Last week, its was the Polar Vortex, this week it was a snowstorm. There was snow all over the USA including the Dirty South, which is what the headlines called it, I would have plenty of jokes but after getting into a Twitter debate with 8 Ball (@8ball theTiger), hte Good Deacon Blaber has decided to take it easy on our Southern cousins.

However, my sports pulpit is ready for the masses on this 3rd Saturday of the two thousandth and fourteenth year of our Lord Yim, so we’ll take a look at the impending retirement of David Stern, the naming of reserves for the NBA All-Star game, Hockey in the Bronx… and apparently some football game is being played nearby.

David Stern: At the end of this NBA season, David Stern is retiring as commissioner. Until the USA Today decided to do a top 10 moments of his tenure piece on it. How can anyone think of Stern and not think about the bad things he did? This man caused a lock-out, had refs taking bribes and fixed drafts and trades. I also blame him for the fiasco the All-Star Game dunk contest has turned into. And the NBA Playoffs are so late at night that kids can’t stay up to watch. THAT is what comes to my mind when I think of Stern.

Broncos Fans in NYCAll-Star Reserves: The NBA released it list of reserves for the All-Star Game, which will take place in a couple of weeks. I have always viewed being named a reserve a greater honor than a starter. Starters are named by the fans. You know the casual fan! The girl whose boyfriend watches basketball – so she does – and heard that a player dates this celebrity, so she votes for him. Kids will rush and vote for Carmelo because they love his sneakers and he plays for NY. But the reserves are selected by coaches and the coaches can’t vote for their own players. To me, when opposing coaches say you are doing a good job, that is the ultimate proof you are a top notch player.

ssNHL: The NHL Stadium Series rolled through the Bronx last week. The Rangers made NYC proud by hammering that pond scum on the other side of the Hudson, 7-3. Plus they ground out a win against the NY Imposters from Ze Island. The Bronx hockey games were like a unique social experiment; never have so many drunk white guys headed into the Bronx at those times. Not during the winter, at least. You could also tell how many had never ventured this far north in the city. They looked desperately in need of a Ranger Smith to guide them about. Yet, there were no incidents in the news, so thankfully the Bronx gets to keep its great reputation in tack.

Super-Bowl-XLVIIINFL: Apparently, there is a football game happening on Sunday. It’s some local area championship played by surrogate teams, I am told. In all seriousness, I am not that excited for the Super Bowl. It is not because my Jets won’t be in it – if that was the case I wouldn’t even watch football. It is because I am so cold on most days that I truly often don’t give a rat’s ass what’s going on. I haven’t laid down any bets and it appears that since I have the biggest apartment of my “friends,” I will be hosting. Yeah me! Let’s root for the Broncos because A) John Fox is the NFL’s good guy coach and B) It is a travesty that Peyton has only one ring, when the likes of Eli have 2… and Brady has 4. Let’s go Ponies!

That is it for now, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for the one and only, Cheesy Bruin.

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