Martin St. Louis, Rangers vs Flyboys, Messier and Bad Hair Hockey

Marty_St_Louis Pepe-Le-Pew Ryan-Callahan Meet_The_MattsPHILADELPHIA, PA – When I found out that the New York Rangers traded the Captain and heart of the team, Ryan Callahan, I was more than p!ssed off. Frankly, I was shocked and dismayed. Then factor in who they traded for; Martin St.Louis – aka Pepé Le Pew. Le Midget on Skates. I blamed it on the Canadian Glen Campbell , [Glen] Darth Sather.  Why can’t he light up that stogie and poke himself in the eye! After Mark Messier and The Great One put him on the map, he has done nothing but play Etch-a-Sketch with our Rangers. Every couple of years, he blames the coach that HE hired and convinces the Leprechaun that a new stooge with a new system is the answer….yeah, that’s the ticket!

Fast forward to Tuesday. As I watched the Rangers finishing off the Cryers of Killadelphia, I must admit that maybe this is Fantasy Island and Tattoo (Marty St.Wmtm Fantasy Islandhatever) is putting in goals and serving up assists in every game.

I still believed The Curse of Messier would get the Blueshirts. At that very moment a Can Am motorcycle commercial with Mess appears on the  screen and a calming feeling engulfed me. Perhaps the Captain’s appearance during the game was a sign from the pride of Moose Jaw. A sign that he is no longer mad at the ORGANISATION. He has lifted the hex and has given the Rangers his blessing.

As the game progressed, I continued  reading  the tens of texts from a frogging Flyer fan that I  know who pelts out insults about my Rangers – even with his sorry-sack, 80’s permed-hair style, Flyers trailing by 3 – and I think to myself that we have the Broad Street Losers right where we want them. After all, Philly is more miserable than any other sports town (Cleveland is NOT a true sports town), and they deserve to suffer one more series loss to King Henry and his Court. Kudos to Dan Carcillo netting one on his former team and taunting the Flyer faithful and bench.

The Spirit of Fonzy Tortorella was evident as well, with blocked shots to frustrate the Black and Orange during their various power plays.

All things considered, I’m starting to like the little guy… as long as he keeps putting up points. So sleep well, Ranger Fans. We play well on the road. Let’s just hope that that Cam -Am commercial airs again on Friday.

And to all you Philadelphia Fans? In the spirit of milking Easter – SUCK an EGG! Your fat lady good luck charm died years ago and you will never win the Cup again!

Cookie’s Corner and/or that elusive Meet The Matts Radio Podcast thing, tomorrow.

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