Crosby, Stahl and Nash and BIG BOY Pants

Rick Nash Missing“Our house is a very, very fine house with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard,
Now everything is easy cause of you and our la, la, la”

NEW YORK, NY – When the music stops, who is gonna be left without a seat?

Sid the Crying Kid may come to MSG and steal the seat from Rick Regular Season Nash if the Rangers latest BIG signing does not net one soon.

The Blueshirts do not have playoff history on their side vs the Penguins as they have lost the previous four times.. It’s time to “…put on those BIG BOY pants.

Marc Stahl is a plus 6 so far in the playoffs and has produced more goals(1) than either of his “band mates” thus far. He is wearing his Big Boy Pants! So, is Rick ready to wear those pants? After all, you need big pants to carry the 7.8 million that Nash is pocketing each season. Where is the goal scoring music ? Has Glen Sather miscalculated another talent or does OUR HOUSE have an allergic affect on these sure things?

imageNew York Ranger fans are more than patient and we stand behind these guys in a big way (pass me another $10 beer please), but enough is enough…Oops. Sidney just stole the seat at 2:34 into the second period…

“I’ve been saving all my money just to take you there. I can smell the Garden…blah blah Marrakesh Express…”It seems like we are riding a train to nowhere.  Two decades running and my head is spinning.  Curse of Messier?  I’ll take Brandon Dubinsky back. I think he took the pants with him.

It takes a real fan to continue to watch video and listen to this song over and over.

New York Rangers v Blue JacketsThere’s just one thing I got to know. Can you tell me please who won? I’m in denial – and bed.

I’m thinking that King Henry needs to bring the order down to behead Sather if the Stanley Cup is not delivered . He appears to be frustrated with his court.

Who is playing in front of our King? Are we seeing a group of Eunuchs on skates. We need find the guys who can wear those big boy pants and sing the Ranger Goal Song.

“Four Dead in…” you get the picture.

Angry Ward, tomorrow.


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