Baseball Over is Over so it’s Hockey Preview Time!

New_York_Rangers.svgNew York, NY – Yesterday the Yankees finally won a game against a team so bad that the National League disowned them. The Yanks are now four games behind the Tigers for the second wild card spot, but the damage was done a long time ago. Baseball season in New York is, for all intents and purposes, over. With baseball done, we can finally start talking hockey again after a two month hiatus.

The New York Rangers signed Kevin Hayes this week. Hayes was drafted by Chicago but the two parties couldn’t reach an agreement on a contract. So Hayes signed with the Rangers and will now join former Boston College teammate Chris Kreider. Those in the know say Hayes is ready for the big team. That’s a good thing since the Rangers have lost some key forwards this offseason. They lost Brian Boyle, Derrick Dorsett, and Benoit Pouliot who pulled the wool over Edmunton’s eyes and scored himself a pretty meaty contract. Its strange that a team that has no defensive strategy whatsoever would sign a forward that hasn’t back checked ever. I guess the Oilers just want to win every game 7-6. The Rangers have found a good way to bring in young talent after trading away all of their first round draft picks for their next 30 years or so. They’ve signed a few undrafted free agents to fill out the youth ranks. Who knows if these players will be any good but its a start.

martyOver in Newark Martin “Fatso” Brodeur is still waiting for the Devils to come calling. But nobody thinks it will happen. I’m sure there are some teams out there that would sign Marty to a 1-year deal as a backup for a song. None of those teams are in any sort of hurry though. My guess is that Marty will see what, if any, offers come his way before training camps start next month and then call it a career before the season starts. He’ll be in the Devils front office before the season is over. Au revoir fatso!

Over in Long Island, the New York Islanders of Brooklyn will play their last season at the Mausoleum. Starting in the fall of 2015 they’ll be calling the Barclays Center home. And not a moment too soon. The Coliseum was outdated and crumbling back when the Isles were winning Stanley Cups. Thirty years later they still call the concrete abortion home.

The new owner of the Isles

The big news this week out in Nassau is that the Islanders are getting their Wang out. Thats right. Charles Wang has agreed to sell the Islanders to former Capitals owner Jonathan Ledecky. No, not the kid from Jerry Maguire. That’s Jonathan Lipnicki. Anyway Islanders fans can look forward to the team sucking under new ownership in a new arena.

Thats enough of a hockey teaser for August so I’ll leave it at that. Leave a comment and come back tomorrow for our very own Junoir Blaber.


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