Tigers in Detroit, Cowboys in Dallas, Playoffs for Yankees and Strahan’s Gap

enter at your own risk
enter at your own risk
Enter at your own risk.

TRENTON, NJ – The trade deadline is over and its time for the contenders to pull away from the pack – sorry, Mets fans. We’ll look at that, Michael Strahan and his favorite team – the Dallas Cowboys.

The Yankees/Tigers series this week will either make or break Jeter & Co. My Tigers are rolling out is as good a rotation as it gets in Major League Baseball  Max Scherzer, David Price, Justin Verlander and Rick Porcello create the ultimate test for the Pinstripes in their quest to send Jeets to one more playoff run.

While the Yankees always seem to play well at home vs the Tigers in the regular season, this series has more significance.  The Yankees have a completely revamped line-up, with many new player$. The checkbook was busted wide open to get back to relevance in the East. The next four days will weigh heavily on the season continuance in the Bronx. Regardless of what happens, my Tigers own the Yanks in the playoffs, so bring it on. Regardless of what happens, my Tigers own the Yanks in the playoffs, so bring it on.

Pointing to Playoffs for Yankees?

Now to the NFL HOF ceremony:  Just when I thought pro football had  it all over MLB , the Hall of Fame speeches ruined my opinion.

Respecting the gravity of the moment and each recipients’ life story, there STILL needs to be a hard line set on time. Even the current Hall of Famers had a difficult time staying awake during these  verbose offerings. I will NOT subject you to reliving the evening. I will simply implore the NFL to shut the damn mikes off after twenty minutes!

better form than the rockettets
Better form than the Rockettets

For me, the winner of the evening was  Ray Guy.  His story is one of a true athlete who realized that his best chance was through that leg of his. He was a gifted athlete but John  Madden and Al Davis had the insight to draft him as a punter in the  1st round. He opened ALL the doors for future punters to become integral components to a teams strategy.

In other NFL News… What would my week be without a dose of  Dallas Cowboy Stupidity? Jerry Jones & Sons realize that their ‘Boys suck.  Regardless of this, Jerry sent playoff tickets to his season ticket holders?  WTF!


Finally, I have to comment on a guy who has  parlayed a defective smile and “improbable” football career for complete stardomMichael Strahan has become the most valuable ex-jock commodity since America’s sweetheart OJ Simpson! Strahan is printing money and will continue to do so as long as he stays out of prison -unlike The Juice. I actually believe that Six Flags will being rolling out a new indoor roller coaster where the cars travel through the GAP in his teeth! Stay TUNED!

Now let’s review all of the above with some questions:
Did you have a favorite speech from this years hall of fame?
Do you think there should be a time  limit to the speeches or perhaps the NFL should hand out Red Bulls to the audience?
-Will the METS ever get back to the playoffs ?

Tune in for more sports from the Angry Ward, who has more interesting stories from the state that hands out more Hanging Handi-Cap placards then White Castle burgers.

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